In her own words: Find out why Eva Longoria has “never felt better” at age 40!

Take just one look at Eva Longoria’s Instagram page and you’ll be filled with jealously thanks to her glamorous holidays, impressive career highlight and dinners with her best mate Victoria Beckham.

By Blake Nadilo
But make no mistake, her rise to true happiness and success did not come as easy as it looks.
It might look like Eva Longoria has lived a charmed life, but it’s fair to say she’s faced her fair share of heartache. Thankfully, she is also living proof that no matter what hurdles are thrown your way, you can overcome them.
Despite a painfully public divorce in 2011 and the unceremonious end of Desperate Housewives – the show that propelled her to international fame – Eva candidly reveals in an interview with Woman’s Day that she’s “never felt better.”
“I just turned 40 and it’s a milestone and everybody was like ‘you’ve never looked better’, and I go ‘I’ve never felt better!’” she says. “I’m happy where I am in my career, where I am politically, as you get older you learn to let go of the little worries.”
Eva tells us she has never felt better at 40!
The actress then added: “I’m really happy… even I look back at some photos and I go ‘ooph’ and I remember the moment I was in at that time and I remember that I wasn’t in a happy place.”
In 2010 the actress divorced her husband, NBA star Tony Parker amid claims he was having an affair with a fellow player's wife and it left her heartbroken, she later admitted to Dr Oz, “I was not eating. I was depressed. I was sad. My diet was coffee.”
And after almost a decade at the top, in 2012 TV executives decide to pull the plug on Desperate Housewives after in-cast feuds and a gradual loss of viewership got the better of the once hugely popular show.
But it seems those dark days are behind her, “I am confident, it’s who I am,” she tells us while in Australia as an ambassador for Specsavers.
Eva has an unbreakable bond with her beloved sisters and she credits her family for making her truly happy.
You only have to spend a few minutes with Eva to realise her warmth and genuine compassion comes from a deeply rooted place as she explains her mum and sisters have all had a part to play in allowing her to finally be truly happy.
“My older sister Lisa has special needs and I always talk to her, she’s the truth teller. She’s the light of our life, she’s the oldest, so I was born into her world, and she really taught us compassion and putting yourself in other people’s shoes,” she says.
She then revealed the secret to success: “I surround myself with amazing, uplifting people, they rub off on me. Some people collect art I collect amazing women and I love learning from others.”
"I am confident, it’s who I am,” Eva, who is in Australia as an ambassador for Specsavers Spectacle Wearer of the Year,tells us.

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