Trinny Woodall has the best makeup trick that'll lift your eyes in seconds

Watch and learn, folks.

By Jess Pullar
If you cast your minds back to 2000s peak television, the colourful duo Trinny and Susannah will more than likely come to mind.
Indeed, this trendy twosome were the authority on how to dress women's bodies of all shapes and sizes on their hit show What Not To Wear, and were single-handedly the cause of many a Friday night couch + popcorn session revelation.
With this in mind, when one half of the iconic two, Trinny Woodall, decided to launch a makeup line, we were all ears.
Yes, she's an expert on all things fashion, but with that comes the kind of self awareness and preservation to pay just as much attention to your skin and makeup routine.
The feat certainly rang true for Trinny, who launched Trinny London - a special makeup line that's aimed directly at the women who loved watching her show back in its hey-day.
Trinny knows a thing or two about clothes and makeup! (Trinny Woodall / supplied)
The first thing you'll notice about Trinny's line is how perfectly packaged they are.
Coming in small stack-able pots, you can say goodbye to an overflowing makeup bag and hello to a light, compact, and most importantly, convenient makeup routine.
The feat is nothing small when you consider how much we're attempting to get through each day - what with Zoom calls, socially distanced appointments and a slow return to evenings spent out and about (in a post lockdown world, at least).
So, to spur us along and to give us some good-old fashioned makeup tips to help us through, Trinny has exclusively filmed a day-to-night makeup routine for The Weekly, and she's revealed a sneaky tip that'll lift those tired 5pm post-work day eyes in seconds.
Watch her perfect the look in the player above, and keep scrolling for more tips.

How to apply day to night makeup

Start by applying a simple small dollop of Trinny London BFF cream (aim for two to three pumps) over the top of your existing face makeup.
"It's not a full base, but it gives you coverage," she explains.
Pop it all over your face like a moisturiser for a little bit of a glow.
Try her BFF cream for a light coverage layer. (Trinny Woodall)
Colours are at your own discretion, so Trinny's trick comes down to what you're vibing on the day.
In the video above, Trinny strays from sticking to the age old rule of bright eye, nude lip, or bright lip, subtle eye, going for something in between.
Indeed her slightly rosy cream based eye shadow (in Fortitude shade, in case you were wondering) is the perfect tone to brighten her face up a little after a long day.
Starting in the middle of her eye, she rubs it into her lid.
Then, she takes another, slightly darker shade (Emporer, this time), and pushes that in under her brow bone.
"Take one finger to colour the shadow, then use one finger to blend it in," she explains.
Trinny dabs the colour in with one finger, and blends with another. (Trinny Woodall)
Then comes the lift we were all waiting for.
She simply takes a brush and applies a darker shade to the far corners above and below the eye line.
"It looks messy now, but it'll be okay," she says.
She then whips out her beloved BFF eye serum / concealer, which she literally describes as "an eye serum and a concealer had a baby together."
Making sure the colour matches up to your skin, simply dab it around the corner of your eye.
"It'll lift it up when all it wants to do is go down," she says.
Tap the product under your eye as well for an extra glow, and add some mascara over top of what you've popped on earlier in the day.
Check that lift! (Trinny Woodall)
Add a blush (Trinny's range features a bunch of lip colours that double as a blush, FYI) and simply dab it on up to your cheek bones.
As for which blush colour, Trinny has a simple pointer: "When you think about blushers, you want to think about the relationship they have with your eyes. So the tonality needs to be similar"
And the lips? Just top up using a similar shade to your blush - and start in the middle of the lip to "make your lips look fuller", and then work your way out, going in as you reach the edges.
And that's it! Simple, quick and has you looking like you've just had a glow up post work.
Now bring on the pinot noir for whatever the evening ahead holds...
Simply, glowy and ready for a night out! (Trinny Woodall)

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