The wackiest Christmas beauty trends of 2017

From reindeer boobs to tinsel lashes - we list the wacky ways people are decorating their bodies this Christmas.

By Bettina Tyrrell
Just when you thought fashion and beauty trends couldn't get any more wild than pimple-popping nail art (yes, it's a thing!), the 'reindeer boob' phenomenon arrives and wins the Christmas cracker crown.
What is the reindeer boob, you ask? Well, in the spirit of Christmas - and perhaps the recent movement which sees women taking back control of their bodies, à la #freethenipple - women are cutting holes in their favourite Christmas jumpers to reveal a bare breast. Then, with some craft supplies - googly eyes, brown felt and tinsel - the exposed boob is decorated to look like a reindeer's face. Surprisingly, this craze is popular enough to dedicate an entire Etsy store to selling Christmas sweaters with custom boob holes, to spare you from pulling out the craft tools.
But the reindeer boob isn't the only festive trend to surface this Christmas, here we list some of the craziest yule tide trends - from 'brow baubles' to 'beardaments'. Perhaps you'll find some inspiration for your next Christmas party?

Tinsel lashes

Christmas tree brows

Reindeer boob

Christmas tree hair

Bauble brows

Candy cane eyeliner