Celebrity fake tan fails we can ALL relate to

Don't cringe, people; we've all been 50 shades of orange at one point in our lives...

By Ellie McDonald and Jessica Blanchard
When it comes to celebrity fake tan fails, you can't go past those that come DIRECT from a star-studded red carpet.
From the wrong-kind-of-radiant glow to those cringe-worthy botched bronze jobs we are all too familiar with, these fake tan fail pictures serve as side-splittingly hilarious reminders that celebrities... well, they're just like us!
First up, it's Bradley Cooper, who seems to have chickened out of his tan à la Trump before his make-up artist could finish off his face.
Then there's Paris Hilton, who shows us that it doesn't matter how much money you have, you can still stuff up tan-in-a-can.
Stop, drop and scroll through this bunch of A-listers who've ventured on to the bad side of bronze and try not to chuckle...
Bradley Cooper
Call us crazy, but Bradley Cooper's dodgy tan job is the kind of thing we'd expect to deal with if we'd tanned while violently, Las Vegas-style hungover...
Christina Aguilera
Christina Aguilera, you are beautiful in every single way... even if you're rocking one helluva tangerine skin tone. It may take a genie in a bottle to magic away this too-cooked tan.
Paris Hilton
If the stars are blind, so was Paris Hilton's early-noughties spray tanner...Way back when, nothing in this world could get in the way of Paris and her beloved body bronze.
Tom Jones and Kate Moss
SPOTTED: Sir Tom Jones caught white-handed arm-and-arm with Kate Moss in London. No, really - Tom's bright-orange glow is ~literally~ burning down this swanky London house!
Ryan Reynolds
Is that a Golden Globe? Nope, it's just the effervescent sheen of a 24 karat-coated Ryan Reynolds. Judging by his gilded glow, perhaps Ryan had a run-in with his pre-show glam squad. Definitely, maybe...
Carrie Bickmore
She may be a Gold Logie-winning red-carpet veteran, but Carrie Bickmore's fake-tan mishap is proof that getting your, err, beauty sleep can be a little messier than you may have anticipated...
Carrie Bickmore
Tan-stained hands, legs and bedsheets anyone?
Victoria Beckham
Posh, who? This is a very cumin-coloured Victoria Beckham (circa 2010). We've been there, VB!
Claire Danes
Who needs to win a gold, sparkly Emmy statuette for Best Lead Actress in a Drama Series when you can be the statuette...
Claire Danes
Seriously, Clare Danes (AKA Carrie from Homeland), we're shaking our heads all the way to the Pentagon over this fake bake.
Lindsay Lohan
Either it's Freaky faux-glow Friday or Lindsay Lohan's been a little heavy-handed testing her own SEPHORA-stocked self-tanner. We feel you, Linds. We feel you.