Carrie Bickmore's relatable parenting woe is remedied by a very simple beauty hack

The Project star has three children.

By Jess Pullar
Carrie Bickmore might look a million bucks on-camera, but behind the scenes, she's just like one of us.
The Project host shared a behind the scenes snap from hair and makeup last night before she hopped on screen for the daily show.
The post revealed the true reality of her life behind the lens - and it's not as glamorous as you'd think.
In the snap, a made-up Carrie smiles into the camera with her hairdresser behind her.
While Carrie looks swept up to perfection, she explained the reality of her 'glam' life in the caption.
"Needed the fairy godmothers big time today after no sleep (from my toddler, not from partying!). Thanks spunks. You are the best," she wrote.
Carrie shared this behind the scenes snap - a good old glow up after a restless night. (Instagram)
Carrie has three children, two daughters Evie, five, and Adelaide, two, with her partner Chris Walker.
She also has a 13-year-old son Oliver with her late husband Greg Lange.
The TV and radio talent often shares realistic and relatable insights into her life with her fans - just last week the 40-year-old posted a picture of her five-year-old Evie who was off to her first day of school.
"These photos do not convey the emotional roller coaster that was 1st day of school today. Lots of tears and anxiety but thanks to her teachers for assuring us that after a rocky start Evie is now as happy as Larry," Carrie explained.
"I am now sitting in a coffee shop not sure whether to laugh or cry but utterly exhausted. Hope she didn't notice my tears behind my glasses. Deep breaths everyone," she finished.

Carrie's relatableness has always struck a chord with fans.
Last month, she also shared a series of brilliant candid pictures from the 1990s, where she is seen in each with her eyes half closed.
"The 90's.....when you didn't get the chance to take a photo multiple times til you got one with your eyes open," she comically quipped.
Carrie's hilarious thorwback pics and raw updates remind us that she's just as human as the rest of us. (Instagram)
Her fans clearly appreciated and related to the sentiment.
"These photos are so important for ordinary people to know what they see on tv ISNT REAL," she wrote.
"Another wholeheartedly agreed with Carrie's caption: "Yep!!! How did we survive!"
Another added: "Kids will never know the pain."
A fresh faced Carrie always keeps things real. (Instagram)
As for Carrie's dreamy hair and makeup team, it turns out it's not so difficult to recreate her look from our very own homes.
Carrie's makeup artist, known as Makeup by Lorie on Instagram, did us all a solid by sharing some of the key products she uses to give Carrie that camera-ready glow.
Shop some of them below!
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