Royal lip service! Try out these regal-inspired lipstick looks and start preparing for your first post-Covid outing

Even the Queen likes to experiment with her lipstick.

By Faye Couros
Tragically for lipstick lovers, your beauty routine has taken a hit since wearing a mask has become common place.
Perhaps over the past 18 months, you've even popped on a bright red lip before realising it was a thankless decision, and maybe you tried your best to keep it neat under your mask, or as it's more likely, you wiped it off and reminisced about a time when you could pull off a bold lippy.
However, just because we can't don our signature shade or experiment with daring hues at the moment, it doesn't mean we can't start preparing for our post-Covid beauty life.
Royal women around the world have an elegance that transcends fickle trends, which means their beauty looks are the perfect inspiration for any occasion.
The stylish members of the British royal family are often photographed with a more natural lip, and there is a very deliberate reason for their neutral preferences.
As per Hello Magazine's reports, Queen Elizabeth requires the female members of her court to wear nudes or pale pinks when they attend formal events.
The reason for this rigid beauty boundary is to make sure everyone looks neat and can avoid lipstick falling onto their teeth.
However, you may have noticed the Queen is partially exempt from this rule as she has been photographed wearing bright pinks, corals, and reds.
She's actually such a lipstick lover that in 1952 she commissioned a special shade to complement her coronation robes – it was a special milestone after all.
International royals like Queen Letizia of Spain and Charlotte Casiraghi are also lovers of the safe nude, but every now and then, they surprise fans by playing with bright reds and deep browns.
Whether your relationship with lipstick is on hold or you are keen to start experimenting with the classic makeup shelf staple, please draw some inspiration from the following royal looks and shop their uncanny dupes.