5 of the best anti-ageing lip shades to stock up on NOW

Who needs 7.5 hours' sleep a night when you can shave years off your look with a swipe of a lipstick?

By Ellie McDonald
Ever woken up feeling like you’ve been hit by the bus that may or may not have just sped past your bedroom window? Well, that could be because, between balancing the constantly mounting demands of everyday life, it's sometimes hard not to feel/walk/talk as if you've aged 15 years over night.
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^^ Gwynnie, we hear you.
Well, no matter why you're feeling semi-jetlagged (minus the Instagrammable European vacation, sigh), MECCA's Head of Education Jacob Stanley is here to help you wipe the sleep from your eyes and swipe on a lip shade set to not only lift your spirits, but your gaze when you're feeling a little flat.

1. The new nude

This dream lipstick is made up of a muted flesh tone with a subtle sheen, and also possesses a super-hydrating formula that makes you feel like you're ready for a night out without looking too dressed up.
Chantecaille Lip Chic in Camellia, $55.

2. The red-trograde rouge

Forget that double-shot soy latte; this big, bold red packs as much punch as your favourite glass of cab-sav.
The best part about this shade is that it adapts itself to the wearer; on some people, it goes quite warm, or coral-like, while on others, it gets a little more of a pink twist. Either way, it's beauty-ful.
NARS Lipstick in MANHUNT, $40.

3. The multitasking pink

Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall, who's the most understated-chic of them all?
The answer? You in this knockout hue. The perfect dusty rose, with just enough pink, this shade is feminine, but not too girly, and is MADE for a Friday-morning pick-me-up.
NARS Lipstick in Dolce Vita, $40.

4. The true-blood kissers

This is THE perfect red. Ellis worked in special effects before she got into beauty, so she knows the true colour of blood – yes, this is THAT colour. It suits everyone because underneath our skin, our blood is the same colour.
Ellis Faas Creamy Lips in L101 - Blood Red.

5. The purple you never thought you needed

This lip shade is inspired by an image of Linda Rodin’s mother, Billie, when she was on holidays, riding her bike in the summer sun, wearing this vibrant shade. For you? This is one brightening, uplifting, cool purple hue.
RODIN olio lusso in Billie On The Bike, $55.
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