10 before-and-after makeovers that prove the power of makeup


By Jaclyn Anglis
Psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis and rosacea are all skin conditions that sometimes make it difficult to head out with confidence.
Enter, makeup. Not only can it enhance your features, it can also hide a multitude of concerns. Just check out the cosmetic wizardry in these empowering before and after makeovers.
This women used makeup products from the brand Younique to successfully cover up the periorificial dermatitis affecting her skin.
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Sunburn leaves you with temporary redness but this woman relied on the Too Faced Born This Way foundation to make it disappear.
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This woman suffers from lupus, which causes scarring on her face. But thanks to some makeup wizardry, her skin looked flawless on her wedding day.
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An unknown skin condition has left this woman's face red and painful-looking but, in the capable hands of a makeup artist, you can hardly tell.
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This woman suffers from vitiligo which is an autoimmune disease that affects the pigment of the skin, but the uneven tone of her face completely disappears with some makeup magic.
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This was the first time this woman trusted a makeup artist to work with her skin, and the results are amazing.
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Thirty minutes was all this makeup artist needed to completely refresh this woman's look and give her amazing colourful smoky eyes.
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A history of acne scarring left this woman's skin red and bumpy, but you would never have guessed after a makeup artist worked her magic.
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This woman is left fresh faced and glowing thanks to a little makeup.
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After some careful makeup application this woman's rosacea and uneven skin tone was completely covered, and she looked amazing.
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