Beauty essentials

What are the best beauty investments I can make? Is it buying the best skincare? Having regular facials? Going to the hairdresser? Please streamline my beauty budget.
Irene, via e-mail.
There are lots of good beauty investments, but I have a few must-have suggestions for you.
  1. A compact mirror with a normal mirror and a magnifying mirror so you can see if your make-up is correctly applied.
  2. A manicure once a fortnight, whether you do it yourself or have it done professionally. The best nail shapes are either oval or a softened square.
  3. A facial every six to eight weeks for a deep clean or a nourishing treatment, depending on your skin type. If you have all the products, do this at home more regularly.
  4. An all-in-one styling brush and blow dryer. You can create a smooth, slick style or give hair lots of body.
  5. A facial mist to rehydrate skin and set make-up.
  6. A heavy, all-purpose cream for softening lips, cuticles, hands and heels.
  7. A classic make-up brush collection: blush brush; a few eyeshadow brushes, including one that's rounded and fluffy; an angled brush for liners and eyebrows; a comb and bristle brush for eyebrows and lashes and a lip brush.
  8. And lastly, a great pair of tweezers.

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