Forget mum and dad, Amy Schumer thanks her make-up artist at the Emmys!

When you win an Emmy ordinarily you’d thank your family, your cast mates and maybe even the big guy upstairs - but Amy Schumer is anything but ordinary.

By Blake Nadilo
She has quickly become one of the funniest women in Hollywood but as she accepted her first ever Emmy, we saw a side to Amy Schumer we haven’t seen before.
The 34-year-old and her crew from Inside Amy Schumer won the Emmy for best Comedy Sketch Series and as the blonde beauty took to the stage she seemed visibly overwhelmed.
After thanking her head writer, who “had a baby like, 10 seconds ago,” an emotional Amy then explained, “I am, uh, so proud and this show fights for what we believe in.”
“Uh, please wrap up…uh… I know I should have written something down,” the flustered comedian added.
“Thanks everybody who has helped me, and the girl who gave me this sort of a smoky-eye, I really love it,” the Trainwreck star revealed.
Amy clearly thought it was important to thank everyone who has helped get to where she is, including whoever gave her that fierce eye make-up look.
Normally we see Amy Schumer as the hilarious and captivating comedian, but onstage at the Emmys she was clearly humbled, and it was incredible to watch.
Earlier in the night though the actress was her usual gut-wrenchingly funny self when she presented an award with the equally fabulous Amy Poehler.
The ladies made plenty of jokes about getting “black out drunk,” before Amy Schumer hit home some hard truths, “Let's not forget what tonight what tonight is really about, celebrating hilarious women and letting the Internet weigh in on who looks worse."

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