Brendan Fevola's fiancée Alex reveals refreshing approach to their young daughters wearing makeup

With a makeup empire and surrounded by five women, the former AFL star was always going to to be outnumbered!

By Jess Pullar
When you consider the fact that beauty guru Alex Fevola has four daughters, you'd have to wonder if there could ever be a scenario more perfect.
Indeed the makeup enthusiast, who has her own line of beauty products, is no stranger to the many wonderful things young girls take a keen interest in, and if anything, it's only buoyed her career further.
"I think it's great that there's something we've all got the same interest in," Alex tells Now To Love exclusively.
"If I had sons they might not feel that way!"
In fact, the only male around the Fevola clan is none other than Brendan - former AFL legend, radio host and a previous winner of I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!.
And while it would be safe to say his interest in the cosmetic industry mightn't be quite as strong as the girls', there is one thing he and Alex agree on when it comes to makeup - and that's how they allow their four daughters to use it.
Speaking to Now To Love, Alex says the question of when girls are allowed to wear makeup isn't so important as to how young girls wear makeup.
"Girls do develop at different stages, and some girls might feel ready at 13 or 14, especially if they have bad skin - it might give them some confidence," she explains.
"Whereas other girls at that age might be way too young."
Brendan tends to agree, says Alex.
"As most guys seem to – [Brendan] prefers a natural look
"He's not a fan of really heavy makeup. Neither am I though."
The Fevola clan are now a family of six! (Image: Instagram @brendanfevola25)
After welcoming her and Brendan's fourth daughter Tobi back in November last year, it's been all go for the blonde mum, who also pioneers her own beauty empire, Runway Room.
We don't use the phrase lightly, her business covers a huge portion of the beauty industry, including salons, a training academy and a professional cosmetic line.
But to say that Alex is swamped would be tough to believe - she still continues to look flawless with not a hair out of place.
And lucky for us, shes willing to share her secret with other new mums out there.
"You do tend to spend less time on yourself, because obviously when you've got a baby it is time consuming," she explains.
"But I think it's really important to make the time."
She says keeping your makeup look clean and simple, and not overthinking it is key.
Advising to start simply, Alex uses a light illuminating foundation.
She then uses a glow palette including a bronzer, blush or highlighter, followed by a small amount mascara.
She then adds a whack of colour in her eyebrows and voila - a simple routine achievable in less than 10 minutes!
See her full makeup tutorial - which is inspired by Keeping Up With The Kardashians in the player at the top!
Alex has some nifty beauty hacks for busy mums. (Image: Instagram @brendanfevola25)
And while Alex has enough knowledge of the makeup industry herself, there's another very famous mum (or mums, more accurately) that she takes some serious inspiration from - the Kardashians.
"I think they're really good role models for women because they are all mums (except for Kendall), and they've managed to be able to maintain a career and be a mum at the same time," she says.
Alex takes the Kardashian lead when it comes to her beauty routine too.
Currently airing on streaming service hayu on the same day as the US, the latest season 16 of Keeping Up With The Kardashians has already provided a wealth of makeup and fashion inspiration to the mum of four.
"I love the smokey eye and glowy skin look - it's very Kardashian-inspired," she says.
Alex is a big fan of the Kardashians' approach to makeup. (Image: Hayu)
As fellow mothers, Alex says she relates to the Kim, Khloe, Kourtney and Kylie. (Image: Hayu)