Julianne Moore’s daughter prefers her airbrushed

Julianne Moore’s daughter prefers her airbrushed

Julianne, 53, said her 11-year-old daughter Liv cheekily told her what she really thinks about her mum being featured in glossy magazines.

“Sometimes a magazine wants to see my actual skin, and other times they’ll airbrush [the freckles] out. I don’t care either way,” she told Redbook magazine.

“[But] once my daughter saw me on a cover where I had no freckles and said, ‘That doesn’t look like you at all!’ And then – just like a kid – ‘I like you better without them.’ Thanks!”

The mum of two has previously revealed that she was terribly self-conscious of her freckles growing up, but began to appreciate her skin as she got older.

Her complexion also contributes to her youthful looks, with the actress never having had Botox or plastic surgery and revealing she has moisturized with sunscreen since the age of 23.

And although the actress rarely has an off beauty day she has issues with the relentless US paparazzi snapping pictures of celebrities when they leave the house barefaced.

“I want people to look natural and normal, and I’m all for showing that, but I don’t like when magazines show pictures of someone looking terrible,” she said.

“We all have our moments when we look awful. My gosh!”

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