Yellow Wiggle Emma Watkins shows off a dramatic blonde look as the iconic Iris Apfel

She had fans doing a double-take on Instagram.

As the Yellow Wiggle, Emma Watkins is known for her sunny ensemble and signature sleek auburn pigtails. Off-stage, her natural hair is a gorgeous copper shade with bouncy curls that give us major hair envy.
Emma has long been dyeing her hair a beautiful shade of red for her role as one of The Wiggles, though she's previously revealed herself to be a natural blonde.
In an Instagram post uploaded in September 2021, fans caught a glimpse of what her hair could look like naturally, when Emma sported a platinum blonde bob and dressed up as Iris Apfel.
Posing in an eclectic outfit, Emma captioned her homage to the fashion icon: "To Iris with love."

The post had Emma's followers doing a double-take, with the star expertly channeling Iris' energy.
The interior designer and fashion icon - whose catchphrase is 'more is more and less is a bore' - celebrated her 100th birthday in August 2021.
True to form, Iris celebrated her big day with a fittingly over-the-top photo, sitting in the centre of a sea of balloons. Donning a dramatic polka-dot frock, plenty of jewellery and her signature oversized glasses, she looked every bit the birthday girl in her happy post.

It's not the first time The Wiggles star Emma has had fans wigging out, previously sharing glimpses of her natural blonde hair on Instagram.
She's shared a few throwback posts of herself over the years, revealing a mop of blonde curls in her younger years.
This photo of Emma in her Irish dancing outfit had fans freaking out, with one commenting: "I always forget that Emma is a natural blonde, I was genuinely shocked when I found out!"

Meanwhile, the star had fans in a tizzy when she shared a new video wearing a straight blonde wig in July.
Dancing to Janet Jackson's Runaway in an eye-catching video, Emma's fans were blown away by her new look.
"Omg I love you as a blonde!" wrote one, with another adding: "I love blonde @emmawatkinsofficial almost as much as my baby girl loves redhead Emma."

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