9 product swaps that will make your hair instantly healthier this winter

Without a trip to the salon.

By Amber Elias
Keeping your hair in good condition in winter is easier said than done. So many factors can change the way our strands behave in the cooler months - from excessive indoor heating to low humidity.
Swap in these at-home products for your regular go-tos and cheat your way to better hair, without adding time to your usual routine. These hero products will nurse your hair back to shiny, glossy health.
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1. A treatment shampoo

Before you work on your hair, consider your scalp health first - a healthy scalp equals healthy hair after all.
This new volumising product combines the purifying effects of clay to absorb impurities with softening rose extracts. Apply the paste-like formula to wet hair, lather (trust us, this product lathers like you wouldn’t expect!) and rinse. Use a couple of times a week to clear product build up, and follow with conditioner if needed.

2. A balancing shampoo

Shampoo is the foundation of a good hair care routine, but can often be overlooked as many of us reach for whatever bottle happens to be on special that week. next time you head down the personal care aisle, choose a formula that specifically addresses your hair care concern.
This rebalancing shampoo contains three different types of clay that work together to purify and hydrate hair dry winter hair, without stripping it of natural oils.

3. A strand-soothing brush

Ripping through your wet hair is a ‘forbidden’ action amongst hairdressers, but sometimes you just feel the need to get those knots out asap.
When your hair is wet, it becomes more elastic because the bonds between fibres become swelled with water. However this also means it is more prone to damage and breakage when you're detangling, as it's being pulled and stretched unnaturally.
By choosing the right hairbrush, you’ll be able to comb through tangles without ripping and pulling at your hair. This brush has soft, pliable bristles that bend around your hair, so it's a lot kinder on it.

4. A split end disguise

Although we can’t repair or fix our split ends (the hair shaft is broken apart permanently) we can hide the look of them before we can book in for a trim (the only way to get rid of split ends is to cut them off).
A smoothing cream or gel will work to tame any split ends - which often look like fly-aways - and seal the cuticle of the strand to reduce the split end breaking further.

5. A restorative mask

A deep conditioning and restorative hair mask is a great way to add extra moisture, softness and shine to your hair.
Apply to dry hair and leave on as long as possible (try wearing a shower cap to keep it mess-free) for an intensive treatment, or use in place of your regular conditioner for an extra fix of softness.
This rich mask claims to reduce hair breakage, and we love it on lightened or heat-damaged hair to smooth ends and promote shine.

6. A heat protective spray

Although it's all too easy to quickly whip out the blow dryer when you’re in a hurry, those few minutes spent under the hot air can actually be causing long-term damage to your hair. When you couple this with a straightener tool, which can exceed a temperature of 200 degrees, your hair can wind up, quite literally, a hot mess.
The right heat protectant will act as a shield for you hair, protecting it from the heat. It will also make your hair shinier and smoother so it's a win-win.

7. A super-absorbent microfibre towel

If air drying is your method of choice (or even if it’s not) you need to invest in a microfibre wrap towel ASAP. The ultra-absorbent material soaks up excess water from your hair and, unlike your regular towel turban, it won’t fall down thanks to the fastener at the back.
Not only will this towel reduce frizz by keeping strands in check while they dry, it will also soak up as much excess water as possible meaning less time required under the hair dryer.

8. A hair colour booster

No matter if your hair is natural or colour treated, there is always room for a boost of gloss and (ahem) enhancement.
A tinted mask is an easy way to perk up your colour between salon visits, or if you feel like your hair is a bit dull from the cold weather. Choose a colour that works for you, and use in place of your regular conditioner or as a leave-on mask for increased colour vibrancy.

9. An ionic blow dryer

A newer hairdryer can help your hair dry in half the time of an older model, thanks to the latest ionic technology. Look for words such as “ceramic” and “tourmaline” which are materials that heat up faster, so less waiting time under the heat for your hair to dry meaning less damage.
Newer models are also lighter and more compact so they're easier to manoeuvre around your head leading to a more even and polished blow out.