Princess Beatrice debuts a new (much blonder!) hairstyle

Another A-list isolation transformation...

By Jess Pullar
Princess Beatrice is very well known for three things - her royal status, her, er... unique hat choices at royal weddings, and her flaming red hair.
But it looks like Beatrice's iconic red locks could be a thing of the past.
Yep, in a move that's made her fans do a complete double take, the British royal seems to have undergone a little transformation that no one was quite expecting.
During a time where celebrities are changing their hair colour left right and centre amidst the COVID-19 lockdown (hello, red-headed Kim Kardashian), it seems Beatrice is yet another celeb who couldn't quite help herself in jumping aboard the isolation transformation bandwagon.
In a new video posted to her mother's new Youtube Channel, the British royal has made a guest appearance with noticeably lighter hair - and she's absolutely rocking it.
Beatrice's hair is noticeably lighter in a new video. (YouTube)
Of course, there's absolutely no denying she's still got that strawberry hue (once a red head, always a red head - and proudly so).
But doing a side-by-side comparison seems to prove the fact that she's either been spending a lot of time in the sun, or a little blonde hair dye has been involved somewhere here.
Can you spot the difference! (YouTube)
Reading the children's book The Suitcase by Chris Naylor-Ballesteros, Beatrice's bright blonde-red hair glows in the new video.
The 31-year-old made the appearance on mum Fergie's YouTube channel dedicated to reading children's stories, an initiative she kickstarted during lockdown.
As we all know, the Yorks are no strangers to doing out-there things in the way of fashion - Sarah's various storybook video outfits are case in point.
When you think about it, Beatrice going blonde is minimal in the scheme of this family's fashion comings and goings!
Beatrice has undoubtedly had a testing time throughout lockdown after she was forced to cancel her wedding date, set for the end of May.
Her nuptials to fiance Edoaro Mapelli Mozzi were set to bring the royals together for the first time in a while, but they've now been pushed back.
"There are no plans to switch venues or hold a bigger wedding. They aren't even thinking about their wedding at this time. There will come a time to rearrange, but that's not yet," a spokesperson for the couple told PEOPLE magazine.
Perhaps whenever that date will be, we'll see Bea rocking her strawberry blonde tresses in real life! Watch this space...
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