Nicole Kidman wishes she could turn back time, reveals her biggest beauty mistake

The star has a beauty regret we can completely relate to.

By Amber Elias
We have all some beauty regrets from decades past. Whether it’s skinny eyebrows or a crimped, high ponytail, there's always something we can look back on and laugh.
Nicole Kidman is no stranger to beauty mistakes, and the star has copped her fair share of criticism for her looks. Nicole’s hair has always been a hot topic ever since she made her silver screen debut in 1983, and now she opens up about her biggest beauty mistake yet.
“I wish I had my curls back,” Nicole told Who Magazine, speaking about those trademark ruby ringlets she had at the start of her career.
“I tortured them to death. I always say, 'Don't ruin the ringlets!'” Nicole added, and her advice is to embrace your natural curls rather than fight them.
She says she will never get her ringlets back because of years of straightening and colouring her hair, and it was her insecurities that led her to this point.
Nicole says she wanted to fit into the Australian beauty stereotype, however with her porcelain, pale skin and strawberry blonde hair this was always going to be tough to achieve.
"I really wanted to have that suntanned skin and long blonde hair," she explained. "I wanted to conform and be the Aussie beach girl. And I was never going to be that."
Nicole also admits that husband Keith Urban prefers her with no makeup “he always prefers a natural me — he’s like, ‘Come on, take the makeup off!”
Of course, Nicole looks gorgeous with whatever hairstyle she has (and she's tried a lot!) but her message of being your most beautiful self, rather than fitting into a traditional idea of beauty rings true.