WOAH. New pictures show Meghan Markle has made a drastic change to her hair

Do these intriguing pictures prove it?

By Rebecca Sullivan
Meghan Markle is still technically on maternity leave, but that hasn't stopped the Duchess from stepping out and about with little baby Archie in tow.
The 37-year-old new mum was just photographed looking absolutely stunning during a glorious royal family day out at the polo, but some eagled-eyed royal fans have been speculating that Meghan may have undergone a big beauty transformation.
Meghan was seen sporting noticeably longer hair at the The King Power Royal Charity Polo Day, where her husband Prince Harry and his brother Prince William were competing together.
Kate Middleton also looked radiant in a gorgeous pink dress as she played the role of doting mother with her children Prince George and Princess Charlotte.
How gorgeous does Meghan's long hair look? Getty
We're loving this earth mother vibe! Getty
Royal fans have been comparing the length of Meghan's hair at her surprise post-baby appearance at the baseball with Prince Harry last month, with her luscious locks on show at the polo.
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But from the back, the difference isn't as stark.
What do you think - are they extensions or just some different styling?
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It's common for pregnant women and new mums to lose their hair or experience hair thinning, so it could just be that Meghan wanted to thicken up her normally luscious locks.
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We know that the Duchess is a fan of keratin hair straightening, but the treatment is not recommended for pregnant women, so it's possible after giving birth to Archie she wanted a little refresh to make her feel more like herself.
Either way, we're loving Meghan's gorgeous thick new hair!

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