See how Duchess Catherine would look if she traded her brunette locks for something VERY different

Would the Duchess ever switch her iconic chestnut tresses for a platinum blonde 'do or perhaps even a perm?

By Nakeisha Campbell
One thing we love about Duchess Catherine is the fact that she wears the most elegant hairstyles, whether it's a simple bun or a classic ponytail. But while we do love to see her many 'dos, we can't help but wonder, what if she had short blonde hair? Or what if she tried a dark pixie cut with a fringe?
It's a bit tough to imagine, especially since we're so used to seeing her as a brunette. But since we'll probably never get to see her in these styles, Woman's World decided to have some fun and Photoshop different 'dos to see how they'd look!
The Duchess as a ginger? We're all for it!
If the Duchess dyed her hair blonde, no one would recognise her. Is that Kate Winslet?
She looks like a completely different person with auburn hair.
We're hoping the Duchess will someday sport a stylish bob like this one.
She could definitely pull off this classic blonde look!
Going bleach blonde would be a bold move, but she could still pull it off. Don't you think?
If the Duchess had really curly hair, she'd probably wear it like this.
Wait a minute. Catherine, is that really you?
We've got to admit, we love how she looks in these elegant curls.
Straight hair with bangs doesn't look so bad either!
Even with fiery red hair, she looks like royalty.
This hairstyle fits so well with her facial features.
This article first appeared on Woman's World.