Duchess Catherine's favourite hair hack will only cost you $5

And we could perfect it in our sleep!

By Jess Pullar
It turns out the days of decorating our ponytails with ribbons as we skipped off to school aren't entirely over just yet.
Just like the iconic scrunchie of the 1980s made its glorious comeback in recent times, there's another hair trend that is taking the world by storm - and it's all because of Duchess Catherine.
You guessed it - the stunning royal has stepped out on more than one occasion with her perfect tresses fastened in a ponytail by none other than a ribbon - and we can't get enough of it!
The Duchess has taken a particular liking to a certain hair accessory of late. (Image: Getty)
Perfectly positioned! (Image: Getty)
Kate has worn the velvet bow on more than one occasion. (Image: Getty)
Not only this, but the style itself is so easy to perfect (not to mention affordable), that we could do it in our sleep!
The Duchess was most recently spotted sporting the season's latest chic accessory while attending an official engagement in Leicester.
Kate was wearing a black velvet ribbon in her brunette hair, the same one she was also spotted wearing just days earlier when she visted the University College London.
Her hairstyle was perfect for both occasions - her pony tail was sleek and neatly off the face, while the ribbon added just a hint of character and charm.
See the gorgeous new hairstyle in the video below as Kate spoke to onlookers at the event in Leicester:
So now for the most important question: Where do we get one?
Luckily, the style is pretty easy to find here in Australia. And what's more, it'll cost you little more than $5!
See where you can shop the style in the images below:
We could barely spot the different between this $10.00 velvet ribbon and Kate's! Available from Target. (Image: Target)
These ribbon/scrunchies will hold your hair in place and look adroable - a double whammy! Available at Kmart for $5.00. (Image: Kmart)
This hair scarf can be tied around your ponytail, or worn as a scarf - a win win! Available from Cotton On for $9.99. (Image: Cotton On)
Kate's influence in the fashion and beauty world is undeniable. Earlier this month, her four must-have hand-bag items were revealed, and they're surprisingly accessible to us normal folk.
On her go-to list was a compact mirror, a handkerchief, lip balm and blotting paper - for any quick touch ups before the cameras get flashing!
While it's no secret the royal lives a rather glamorous life, it's refreshing to see she appreciates the small things like the rest of us!