Accident or not, Kate Middleton just revealed an unexpected beauty-related skill in her latest video call - and we're copying it immediately

Can't stop staring.

By Jess Pullar
Whenever Kate Middleton steps out in public, you can pretty much guarantee she won't have a hair out of place.
Of course, we know this is no mere coincidence - the future Queen Consort has an entire team of beauticians at her finger tips to primp, prep and perfect her look whenever she needs it.
Well, almost always, anyway.
As much as we'd like to blame our lack of on-call hairstylists and beauticians when our own hair looks a little lacklustre, it seems we can't really claim as much, because Kate just proved she's quite capable of nailing her iconic blowout 'do herself - no stylists required.
In her latest video call broadcast, the Duchess of Cambridge glowed as she spoke about her new photography initiative from her country home in the UK with This Morning.
On the show, the Duchess spoke with hosts Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield about her collaboration with the National Portrait Gallery, which is encouraging people to submit photos from their experience in lockdown to put into a moving digital exhibition.
The sentiment of the interview was widely felt of course, but it would have been difficult not to have noticed Kate's particularly bouncy blow dry - seriously, that thing was glowing (yes, hairstyles can glow too...).
We need to talk about Kate's latest hairstyle... for obvious reasons. (This Morning)
Now, we don't want to jump to conclusions here, but given the current climate, we've put two and two together quite easily.
With the UK currently in a state of lockdown, people are staying put in their own homes.
Which means that surely Kate's go-to hairdresser and stylist aren't out and about tending to their clients right now.
And that quite simply means that the Duchess has managed to perfect those enviable tresses entirely on her own, and seriously, we applaud her - this is no 'I woke up like this' kind of feat.
The waves, the bounce, that oh-so-soft appearance? She's absolutely nailed it. (This Morning)
Kate has been known in the past to take her beauty regime into her own hands.
She surprised everyone when it was revealed she had done her iconic 2011 wedding day make up entirely herself.
Being watched by millions of people across the world, it was a bold move that most definitely paid off.
Do we sense the next beauty vlogging sensation over here? We'd definitely be up for a Royal Family YouTube subscription.
WATCH: Kate Middleton's best hair moments. Story continues after video...
Of course, the Duchess' legendary locks don't come with a little maintenance.
One of her hairdressers, Amanda Cook Tucker, has previously opened up about the intricate procedures involved with styling those oh-so-regal tresses.
In fact, she revealed the full extent a few years back when she packed her bags for a royal tour with Kate at the helm, showing her social media following exactly what was going into her luggage.
As we take a look at the list, you might want to take a deep breath:
  • 13 brushes
  • Six combs
  • Three hair tongs
  • Two hairdryers
  • Seven hair products
No word of a lie...
Kate's hairstylist revealed exactly how many tools she required for a royal tour with Kate. (Instagram)
But plentiful hair products aside, Kate's isolation 'do is case in point that anyone can achieve great things with their hair at home.
So, taking notes from Amanda, and simply looking (quite gladly, at that) at Kate's latest hairstyle, we've found three simple tools we reckon you'll need if you're keen to mirror her lockdown locks.
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