Jesinta Campbell did her own hair for the AFL red carpet using this surprising pantry product

Is there anything this magic elixir CAN'T do?

By Holly Royce
Jesinta Franklin (Campbell), our favourite WAG , stole the show at Wednesday's AFL All Australian team announcement red carpet (woo, what a mouthful!).
Arriving hand-in-hand with her husband, Buddy Franklin, the 26-year-old model sported a stunning LBD and a chic, slicked back hair style look that had jaws dropping.
It turns out it's a look the resourceful Jesinta managed to create without the aid of any fancy styling products, or even a styling team - in fact, all she used was this one surprising pantry product.
Taking to Instagram this morning, the star admitted that she achieved her look by slicking her hair back with a "ton of coconut oil (the only thing we had)."
Thanks to airport delays, the model and her Makeup Aristsit didn't really have much of a choice in the matter.
The full post explains:
"Airport delays meant I didn't have time to get my hair done, so I just got a ton of coconut oil (the only thing we had) & just pushed it through my hair and hoped for the bloody best."

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