Show flyaway hair who’s boss with our frizz-proof masterclass

Become a smooth operator with these frizz-free tips.

By Rebecca O'Hearn
Frizz is the number one hair concern for more than half of Australian women, according to the 2017 Haircare Global Fact Book Summary
This de-fuzzing masterclass will show those pesky flyaways who’s boss!
Why always me?
Frizz is most likely to happen when hair is dehydrated, due to chemical bleaching, sun exposure, heat-styling, dieting – or it just naturally happens to be that way.
Dehydration causes the rough outer cuticle layer of each strand to fluff up, rather than lying smooth and flat like overlapping roof tiles.
When this happens, moisture from the air can penetrate the cuticle, causing the strand to swell. This is what causes the fuzzy flyaways that can totally spoil your ’do.

Know your foes

Heat styling
Holding the blow-dryer too close to the hair, using the highest heat settings or going over the same section with a straightener will make locks weaker and more susceptible to breakage.
Combining chemical treatments, such as bleaching, colouring, perming and relaxing, have a dramatic effect on the quality of hair’s protein, leading to breakage and frizz.
High humidity Weather plays
A big part in the state of hair. Rain and high humidity will soon cause frizzing, but wind and sun exposure can be just as damaging.
Rough stuff
Aggressively brushing wet or dry hair, and pulling hair back too tightly can cause snapped strands to stand on end.

What about greys?

Tackle flyaway silver strands with a little advice from a styling and hair care guru.
‘Greys can be drier and harder to manage because hair has less elasticity when the pigment is gone,’ Kevin says.
‘Restore flexibility to hair with richer, more moisturising products such as hydrating shampoos, conditioners and treatments with lots of shea butter and antioxidants to keep hair supple and easy to manage.’

How to do a DIY fuzz-free blow-dry

Try these pro tips from senior technician at Académie Salon, Michelle Diasinos, to achieve a salon-worthy blowout at home from.
“Gently towel-dry hair by blotting and squeezing out excess moisture – never vigorously rub or wrap the towel above and around your head as this can cause too much tension on the hair and lead to breakage.
When most of the moisture has been soaked up, apply a heat protector to still-damp hair.
Always have the smoothing nozzle on your dryer, and aim from above to direct hair in a downward motion.
Using fingers only, remove 70 per cent of the moisture before picking up a brush.
Next, use clips to divide hair into sections and dry each section thoroughly – keep an eye out for any areas that remain damp and need another once over. Never leave hair semi-dry because it will start to frizz.
Finish with a blast of cool air to seal, and mist with your choice of spray. I like a combination of shine and soft-hold hairspray spray, which will lock down flyaways but still brush out with ease.”