Fifi Box has dramatically changed her look with an isolation hair transformation

And her daughters' reactions are priceless!

By Maddison Hockey
We've seen isolation boredom take hold of many celebrities, some create viral videos, others try daring new hairstyles.
In Fifi Box's case it's the later, dyeing her blonde locks a vivid pink!
And, honestly, we hope it's permanent because the bold change-up looks incredible.
The popular radio and TV presenter debuted the new do on Instagram, captioning the post: "1) Whacky filter? Or 2) Has someone gone cray-cray in iso and dyed their hair pink?"
From blonde bob to pretty in pink. Image: Instagram
While our initial reaction is adoration and a little bit of envy (if only we could pull off a look like this), the reaction of Fifi's daughters makes this hair transformation all the greater.
The mother-of-two recorded the surprise reveal to unsuspecting daughters Trixie and Daisy, who were sitting on the couch reading when she walked in.
"The girls reactions to my pink hair. Trixie shocked, Daisy confused," Fifi captioned the hilarious video.
We can't get enough of the adorable trio. Image: Instagram
The look on Daisy's face is truly priceless while older sister Trixie screams: "Oh my gosh! You've got pink hair!"
Fifi may be going a little stir crazy in isolation, (honestly, who isn't?) but she's been making the most of the time.
The radio host recently celebrated her eldest daughter Trixie's birthday in isolation with one amazing Disney-themed birthday cake.
So, we'll be taking all our isolation inspiration from Fifi Box, (beauty, cooking, parenting) from now on.