Elizabeth from Married At First Sight's hair extensions explained

The loud and proud blonde bombshell is famous for her confidence, thick winged eyeliner, and those long platinum hair extensions.

By Rebecca Sullivan
Elizabeth from Married At First Sight, the woman dubbed "Australia's most confident bride", has possibly some of the most talked-about hair extensions in the country.
The 27-year-old retail manager from Sydney made a splash early on in the series with her brazenly confident, self-assured manner, and her signature glam look.
Elizabeth has had six short-term relationships but has never been in anything long-term - something she puts down to her ability to scare men off.
"Guys are very intimidated by me," she told us during Monday night's premiere episode.
"They don't know what to say, they don't know how to act. They don't know how to take my personality, because I will say what's on my mind," she said.
"They say they want a confident woman? I call BS on that. Because they can't handle a confident woman."
The blonde bombshell sports long platinum locks, thanks to some assistance from a large set of hair extensions.
But as the savage Married At First Sight viewers were quick to point out, the best hair extensions are those that are pretty much invisible, with one fan calling Elizabeth's the "worst. extensions. ever."
"Elizabeth's hair extensions are... 😳 #MAFS," one viewer wrote on Twitter, while another wrote: "Those extensions honey!!! Oh giiirl."
"Can chicks just stop with hair extensions?! They're just rank," another fan said.
You can see Elizabeth's own locks make up the top layers of her hair. (Image: Channel 9)
Oh girl. (Image: Channel 9)
Elizabeth told OK! magazine the reason she wears hair extensions is to protect her skin from the sun.
While she loves to show off her incredible figure on Instagram, you won't see her posting many photos while lying about in the sunshine.
"I have an autoimmune condition. I love the beach, but if I'm going to go, I know that for two weeks after I'm not going to be so well," she told OK!
"I'm basically allergic to the sun. I get burns on my body. I also have a really photosensitive scalp and ears, so I get a rash, which is why I wear hair extensions to act as a hat."
Her extensions are a different colour from her real hair. (Image: Instagram)
Rocking her signature glam look. (Image: Instagram)
Elizabeth's hair extensions don't match the thickness of her natural hair. (Instagram)
Hair extensions expert Emilly Haddrill manages her own namesake hair extension business and has salons in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and the Gold Coast.
When it comes to hair extensions, Emilly says there are three factors that influence how good they look - the quality of the product, how they're applied and how many "packets" are applied, depending on the client's hair type.
"When you're buying hair extensions, the most important thing is a term called double drawing," she told Now To Love.
"What that means is, when you get the ponytail of hair, they will manually need to go through and remove the short hairs and keep the long hairs, so you don't get those thin, scraggly bits of hair. That's the most important thing.
"We buy from a reputable company that specialises in that method and all the hair is beautiful and long. That does put the price up a fair bit, because that process can't be done by machines. It's a more premium option."
WATCH BELOW: Elizabeth makes her entrance at the Hens party
Emilly says not everyone is prepared to pay the amount required to get full, natural-looking extensions. Average costs can vary between $750 and $1400, she said.
"If someone has finer hair and they only want to add a little bit of length, it's about $450. I've got a double full head, which is four packs of 200g extensions. That can cost up to $1800, but the majority of people will only need two or three packs.
"People with thick hair often think they don't need many extensions added, but it's actually the opposite. If they have thick hair, we need to add lots in so there is no different between when the thick natural hair starts, and the thick extensions end. If they have thick hair and only use one pack of extensions, it doesn't look good."
Achieving a natural result costs time and money.
"We make sure we're giving the right advice to clients so that they're getting what they desire," Emilly said.
"They might come in with a budget in mind and we might not be able to always deliver something that looks good for that price. We're always upfront and honest and we always use quality products."
Elizabeth back when she had brown hair. (Image: Instagram)
She still had hair extensions when she had brown hair. (Image: Instagram)
While the blonde hair extensions have become one of Elizabeth's trademark features, up until just a few months ago, Elizabeth looked completely different.
A cheeky deep dive into Elizabeth's Instagram account reveals she was rocking very dark brown hair as early as June last year. It appears as though she also had dark hair extensions in place.
Even when she was a brunette, Elizabeth was still sporting her signature thick brown eyeliner and overdrawn, pouty lipstick.
Her followers are constantly treated to sultry selfies and bikini shots, and she is never not wearing a collection of gold chains around her neck.

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