Reese Witherspoon's mini-me Ava Phillippe transforms her appearance... to the complete opposite of her mum

The actress' daughter made a big statement with an unexpected hair colour.

By Jess Pullar
Ava Phillippe is known for her uncanny similarities to mum Reese Witherspoon, but perhaps she's making a point to stand out in a new way - her rather unexpected new hairstyle is certainly seeing to that.
The 20-year-old recently shocked fans by debuting a bold new look on Instagram this month - and instead of drawing the usual comparisons to her doppelgänger Reese, it was another famous celebrity Ava was a dead ringer for.
Like many of us, it looks like Ava got a little experimental in lockdown, sharing a picture of herself with some bright blue tresses, presumably a wig, as she asked of her following: "A re-brand?"
The Smurf-blue chop was styled with a bold fringe and flicked ends - emanating a sixties vibe, she actually pulled the dramatic new look off.
Fans were united in opinion on the brave style, with one likening her look to another celebrity known for rocking blue hair in her time - Katy Perry
"A teenage dream kinda vibe," they said, in reference to one of Perry's most popular songs.
"Ooo I dig it," wrote another fan.
Another said: "Oh wow, she's a whole look."

Whether Ava sticks to the blue remains to be seen, but this certainly isn't the only time she's opted for a slightly left-of-field hair colour.
Indeed earlier this year, Ava rocked bright pink tresses in a eye-catching new look.
And even earlier last year, she rocked an incredible rainbow hued style for a while.

The 20-year-old and her mum are renowned for looking almost identical, as well as being super close.
Whether she'll be following in her mum's footsteps to become an award winning actress remains to be seen, but she's certainly making a name for herself in her own right as a model these days.
Back in 2017, it was also revealed that she was working as a restaurant hostess for a summer job - keeping the lives of the rich and famous a little more real for us normal folk...
Ava isn't afraid to try out some different hair colours. (Instagram / @avaphillippe)
At present, she studies at UC Berkeley in California, and also seems to have a keen interest in photography going by her Instagram.
Indeed the page, which boasts more than 850,000 followers is filled with her incredible landscape shots, as well as some of herself.
Looks like this up-and-comer is a pro in front, and behind the lens.