How Anna Heinrich hoodwinked fans with a very uncharacteristic beauty transformation

She almost had us convinced!

By Maddison Leach
Anna Heinrich shocked fans with a drastic new look on Sunday – but don't stress, she hasn't gotten rid of her signature blonde locks for good.
The Bachelor winner took to Instagram over the weekend with a post that had plenty of followers doing a double-take as she appeared to have dyed her hair bright red.
Posing with a match red pout and strapless top, Anna showed off her long red hair and swooping fringe in a close-up selfie.
Anna shocked fans with this vibrant red 'do. (Image: Instagram)
But the blonde bombshell quickly reassured fans that it was just a wig with three follow-up snaps revealing she was dressed as Ariel from The Little Mermaid for a party.
"Who doesn't love a dress up?" she captioned the photos after briefly convincing fans she'd undergone a massive makeover.
Meanwhile husband Tim Robards was sporting Anna's natural colour in a blonde wig as he dressed up as Johnny Lawrence from Netflix' Cobra Kai series.
Unlike many other reality TV stars, Anna has kept her look almost unchanged in the 10 years since she first appeared on our TV screens.
Tim was sporting a very different look as Johnny Lawrence from Cobra Kai. (Image: Instagram)
But her Ariel moment has some fans calling for a makeover, urging Anna to embrace her fiery side.
"Look amazing as a red head banana @annaheinrich1 I might need to borrow that wig," one friend said.
Another commenter wrote: "You have to dye your hair red now! Maybe not this firetruck colour (lol) but a dark auburn would look so good."
The mum of one previously tried a darker shade in 2017, embracing an ashy "bronde" hue before returning to her favourite shade of honey blonde.
Anna's then-hairdresser, Lily Toma of Lily & Co. Hair, told marie claire the star went "half a shade darker" at the time.
"It's borderline bronde – I would say on the lighter side of bronde,"she revealed.
But in the years since Anna has never strayed from her signature blonde locks, a move she's likely made to keep her hair healthy and strong.
These days she's all about wellness and looking after her body, from her hair to her skin – but that hasn't always been the case.
"When I was younger, I didn't take care of my skin whatsoever," Anna sheepishly confessed to Now To Love in 2021.
"Sometimes if I did my eyes the night before and I went out, I would sleep in my makeup and then I'd leave my eye makeup on for the next day.
"I'd go out in the sun without a hat, without sunscreen, you'd go on holidays and bake yourself […] I was terrible with my skin."
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