The beauty hack Zoë Foster Blake swears by for a "youthful zing" is so easy anyone can do it

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By Faye Couros
Zoë Foster Blake looked a vision at the TV WEEK 2022 Logie Awards in her edgy Gucci gown.
The beauty mogul's makeup was immaculate too and the mother-of-two revealed some hidden details about the look on her Instagram.
First, she spilled a relatable truth that her favourite part of events is actually "Getting Ready™️."
Then she divulged her biggest beauty secret, which is age-defying and won't cost you a single penny.
Zoë opted for a slick and high pony for an age defying look. (Image: Instagram)
"I asked for a very high, tight, snatched pony a that gave me youthful zing," she shared before admitting it also gave her "quite the headache," but it was clearly worth it because the slicked back look fulfilled her brief perfectly.
Zoë shared that her "beauty brief for the Logies" was "snatched and lashed," which meant she needed the highest and tightest ponytail to look fresh.
She also gave kudos to Hollywood celebrities who embrace the high pony for its face sculpting powers.
"I friggen loved it. (I am definitely team Hair Up for red carpets. So much easier than battling humidity and cowlicks… Ariana Grande and Bella Hadid know what's up)," she wrote.
The finished product was such a sight! (Image: Instagram)
Zoë shared some insights into her makeup look by explaining how she ensured it was cohesive to her dress.
"[The makeup] focused on big lashes and my very well-prepped skin, with a subtle tonal nod to the dress," shared the Go-To creator.
Her famous friends praised her in the comments section.
Andy Lee's girlfriend Rebecca Harding shared, "Stunning, stunning, STUNNING," to which Zoë responded, "SAYS YOU ⚡️."
Nadia Bartel gushed, "Oh wowser 🔥," and MAFS' Martha Kalifatidis commented, "It's giving Bella (but way cuter).🔥."
She wore a Gucci gown and gloves to the Logies. (Image: Instagram)
In another post, Zoë divulged more details about her look and spoke candidly about how her relationship with fashion has changed since entering her forties.
"I'm not sure whether to call this look 'what women in their forties mean when they say you give less Fs about what people think', or 'I swore I would have more fun and take more risks post-lockdowns,' but I loved it, and felt great," she penned.
Adorably, her husband and Gold Logie winner Hamish Blake commented, "What. A. BABE. 😍."
Megan Gale, Andy's ex-girlfriend, wrote, "Just stunning Zo 💗💗💗," in support of her friend.