The Bachelor's Tiffany Scanlon gets real about her cosmetic surgery

“I’m glad i broke my Botox virginity. My only regret… not having it done sooner!”

By Amber Manto
Plastic surgery can work wonders on your self-confidence (if you’re happy with the outcome, that is) as The Bachelor’s* Tiffany Scanlon would know.
In the lengthy post on her blog The Tiffany Times she outlines how she lost her “Botox virginity” recently by getting filler in multiple areas of her face.
“I’m 30 and my skin no longer looks like it did 10 years ago.” Tiffany wrote, adding she’d tried every cream out there before turning to dermal fillers.
Having sourced a reputable cosmetic clinic, there were four main areas of her concern for Tiff which were addressed over two sessions:
1. Her elevens: "My frown lines were my biggest concern, they made me look unhappy, concerned, or angry and it got to the point that I wouldn’t even be frowning but the lines were there.”
Before and after.
2. Her under-eye bags: “This is hereditary for me so no amount of rest or cream would ever make it go away.
3. Her tear troughs: “He [the injector] recommended a dual approach of putting some filler into my cheeks and also into the tear trough (bag) under my eye. Because my bags were both wide and low the dual approach would reduce the puffiness and dark colouring.”
Before and after.
4. Her lips: “I felt that my bottom lip was more full than my top lip and was surprised to learn that actually the ratio was about right […] what we could do was put a little filler in both top and bottom so the ratio remained the same but made the top lip a little more visible.”
Despite her nerves and fear of needles, Tiffany reminded herself of something her mum used to say: “vanity feels no pain” and with that in mind, she had a couple injections in her forehead, four in her lips and seven in her tear troughs and cheeks.
The surgery follows her split from fellow Bachelor contestant Megan Marx and as Tiffany writes, she went under the needle to boost her self-confidence as she’s now battling the “ageing process”.
“I’m single, I’m still trying to catch my fish and want to look my best. It’s a tough pond to swim in when you’re competing with all the other fish who have just entered the pond and are 10+ years your junior.”
And it’s something she doesn’t regret one bit.
“I’m glad i broke my Botox virginity. My only regret… not having it done sooner!”