She hasn't aged a day! Inside Tammin Sursok's beauty transformation

Is this the secret to the actress' ageless beauty?

When former Home And Away star Tammin Sursok turned up on a red carpet recently, witnesses couldn't help but note the 36-year-old seemed to have had a little freshen up.
Boston-based surgeon Dr Dave E David agrees.
"It definitely looks like she's had cheek fillers. Possibly around the chin and jowl area too," he exclusively tells Woman's Day.
Has Tammin had a little freshen up recently? Image: Getty
"As far as Botox, she looks very smooth now, but it looks like something she's used before.
"Her forehead is very smooth in both photos. There's a possible enlargement of the upper lip, again most likely due to filler."
WATCH: Tammin Sursok speaks candidly about her body image issues. Story continues below...
Tammin looks like she's barely aged a day! Image: Getty
In the past, Tammin has been open about her changing appearance, particularly her body transformation and self-esteem issues.
Taking to Instagram in 2016, the actress spoke candidly about her "painful" body image past as she shared images of her younger self.
The petite Pretty Little Liars star posted four pictures of her younger self with a moving message about a time when she was a larger teen tipping the scales at almost 90 kilos.
Sharing photos of her younger self, Tammin has been open in the past about her body image issues. Image: @tamminsursok/ Instagram
Tammin said she wanted to reflect on "a place of painful memories" to relate to people who also struggle with weight and self-love – just as she did as an adolescent.
"I remember the lack of self love and the lack of compassion I had for myself. I think it's important to speak about this around the holidays- especially when all we are seeing is everyone's "highlight" reel, the filters, the perfect families, the perfect bodies - and I know there are many people out there who are struggling, who don't feel like they are enough, who have no hope," she wrote.
"I PROMISE you, you can change your life. You can get out of a painful situation. It takes one positive step in the right direction. Just one step."
She added: "This is not about weight, it's about positive change from whatever negative situation you find yourself in. This is coming from me, this was my story, a little girl close to 200 pounds, who woke up one day and decided enough was enough. I love you all and I truly believe in every one of you."

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