Susan Sarandon gives the best advice on beauty and ageing - and it will change your life

She's not here for your ageism.

By Amber Elias
Susan Sarandon was living her best life at the recent 2017 Cannes film festival. Not only did she look amazing in a green velvet gown, she topped off her killer look with some sunglasses that deserve their own moment in the spotlight.
The queen of telling it like it is, Susan has paved the way for women everywhere who are sick of society's rules around women of a certain age, and she has the talk to go with it.
Susan, 70, recently came out as bisexual, revealing that after her split from long-time partner Tim Robbins her sexuality was "up for grabs".
"Yeah, I'm open,” she told PrideSource. “My sexual orientation is up for grabs, I guess you could say."
Aside from that revelation, Susan - who's a L'Oréal Paris spokesmodel - has some pretty gold advice on ageing, showing yourself in the best light and looking amazing at 70.
Susan Sarandon, the original selfie queen.
Speaking to The Cut at Cannes, Susan revealed a couple candid tips.
"As you get older, less is more. The things you could do when you’re 20, you better lose by the time you’re 70 or else they’re garish. You can’t get away with as much. That’s why I stay away from colored eyeshadow, unless it’s for a character."
"Beauty products should enhance who you are, rather than making you into someone you don’t feel comfortable with. You find your own style. Don’t try to be someone else, not everything works," Susan continues.
Bad lighting is also the enemy of youth, and as Susan said: "If you’re trying to age, bad lighting really helps," so never be afraid to ask for good lighting.
This advice applies to everyone, not just in movies or on the red carpet. Next time you're getting an adorable family photo taken, make sure there's good light, and don't settle for anything less.
"In being an actor, you’re so watched all the time. Your face is so big and the camera gets lower — the lighting can be bad so that even when you look good, you look bad," Susan says.
Beyond makeup and good lighting, Susan really does think beauty comes from within. Which brings us to...
"Personally, I’m very drawn to a person who has kind eyes and seems awake, present, engaged, and curious. To me, that lightens up a face no matter what the features are. This idea of being bored and brittle and overly done-up to me is the least interesting way to go. It doesn’t appeal to me at all."
But if it works for you, a good lipstick never goes astray.
"Beauty is about engagement and confidence. Whatever you do that makes you confident, whether it being going to the gym or running, you’ll look beautiful. And that can include making sure you have some mascara, a lip, or are staying hydrated."
To sum it up, Susan advocates good lighting, staying true to your own look and some mascara and lipstick when needed. This is certainly something we can get on board with.