My Kitchen Rules' Ruby's beauty transformation

These lips don't lie.

By Alex Lilly
While everyone seems to be fixated on this year's villains Josh and Austin, there's one My Kitchen Rules team who we're expecting big things from.
Passionate Peruvians Andy and Ruby clearly know a lot about food and have been praised for calling out the controversial brothers, but there's something else about Ruby that has the nation talking: her red hot lips.
The 39 year-old Pilates and barre instructor seems to have always had a fit and toned physique, but over the years, her lips have looked a little more full.
Before and after: Ruby's lips in 2011 look very different to what they do today. (Images: Instagram @rubyperu)
Speaking to a local publication, both Andy and Ruby have said that it is very common in their home country of Peru to have work done as it's much cheaper, but the doctors are still very good.
"I have no problem talking about my body modifications," Ruby said on the show after admitting she has used Botox and fillers.
Brisbane local Ruby also jumped on the 10 Year Challenge bandwagon and shared a photo comparing herself in 2008 with her 2018 self.
"2008 vs 2018. "The older you get the more quiet you become. Life humbles you so deeply as you age. You realise how much nonsense you've waisted time on " Living life and forgetting age, realising that things that cost nothing, hold the most value," she captioned her Instagram post.
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Frozen in time! MKR's Ruby shared a 10 Year Challenge snap on Instagram. (Image: Instagram @rubyperu)
While Andy moved to Australia in 2006, Ruby relocated from Peru to Brisbane a year later and met her MKR partner through a mutual friend 10 years ago.
Representing Queensland, the Peruvian besties are determined to put their home country on the map and bring a bit of that Latina fire. And while they clearly know a lot about food, they're keen to learn more.
"I want to learn from Pete and Manu's critiques. I love getting out of my comfort zone," says Ruby.
"I want to learn as much as I can from the judges and from the other teams," adds Andy.
Well after being called a "sassy plastic chick with the friend who you brought along to make yourself look prettier," by Josh, we have a feeling they're learning what not to say.
As Ruby herself says, "It's My Kitchen Rules, not My Bitching Rules.
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