MAFS EXCLUSIVE: Billy confesses - 'I've had botox!'

The aspiring actor had a little help in getting ready for his close-up...

They haven't seen eye-to-eye on much during their short time together, but there's one thing Married at First Sight's Billy Vincent and Susie Bradley have in common – cosmetic enhancement!
Part-time barista and aspiring actor Billy admits to Woman's Day he's had Botox in the past, while single mum Susie, 25, tells us she's had anti-wrinkle injections as well as lip fillers and a breast augmentation.
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Billy and Susie have at least one thing in common! (Image: Channel Nine)
Just last week, Susie's boob job clinic in Thailand used the MAFS star as the face of the clinic, posting selfies of her breast enhancement next to their advertisement for the procedure, which starts at $4125.
Meanwhile Billy, 28, confessed: "I don't mind that the Botox stopped me frowning so much".
"I wish I had it for the show, because all I do on TV is scrunch up my face with disbelief that people like this exist."
But the sometime surfer insists he only got the injections to stop him from sweating profusely on his forehead, with Botox also working to paralyse sweat glands.
Keen surfer Billy said the Botox helped in controlling his forehead sweat... (Image: Channel Nine)
Billy is no stranger to the world of material beauty given his work as an aspiring model, actor and body-builder.
And he has no inhibitions about stripping down for the cameras - he recently bared all in a racy shoot for NW (which you can view in all its glory here!).
What's more, he's also appeared in a very revealing calendar, appropriately titled Manscapes, which was showcased in all its glory on the show.
WATCH: Billy introduces Susie to his Manscapes 2017 Calendar. Story continues after video...
Meanwhile, Billy's 'wife' Susie has been frank about the work she's also had done in the past.
Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle, Susie explained: "I've had my boobs done. I had them done after I had Baby because breastfeeding annihilated what I had."
The blonde mum-of-one also admitted to having her lips done, as well as an anti-wrinkle treatment.
Going by the drama on the show, we're hedging our bets she might be after some more anti-wrinkle magic now too!
Susie has also admitted to having had cosmetic surgery. (Image: Channel Nine)
Fellow bride Martha has also opened up about the work she's had done, admitting she's had her "boobs done" among other procedures.
"I do Botox," she told NW.
"But I like to keep it really understated and natural, so I don't like to look like I've had anything done.
"I don't have fillers in my lips – but I do have them in other places on my face... and I've had my boobs done... like 10 years ago now".

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