Remember Lauren from MAFS? Well, she's just revealed her incredible body transformation, and she looks GOOD

And she's used the opportunity to hit back at her trolls.

By Jess Pullar
Remember the days when all anyone could talk about was Cyrell and Martha's feud, or Mick and Jessika's, rather er, unorthodox marriage breakdown?
Indeed it seems like the scandals of Married at First Sight earlier this year happened a lifetime ago, but for one of its stars, Lauren Huntriss, the lasting effects of her experience on the show couldn't be more prevalent.
Oh, and that's because it's only fuelled her to become the very best version of herself - as she's just revealed in an incredible transformation post.
Taking to her Instagram account in October, the former reality TV star shared two images of herself to prove the point.
In an image on the left, Lauren is seen during her peak MAFS moment, wearing the wedding dress she wore during her nuptials with Matt.
In the picture on the right, the now-red-headed beauty is pictured in an image presumably taken within the last few weeks - and she's looking better than ever.
Alongside the pics, Lauren penned: "What motivates me? My trolls, my enemies, all the people who constantly try to bring me down to their level."
She continued: "A positive mind set is the most powerful thing a human being can have. Instead of dwelling on the negatives and mistakes you've made in the past, learn from them and turn them into something positive."
Lauren shared the candid side-by-side pics, and she's looking better than ever. (Instagram / @laurenhuntriss)
The outspoken former TV bride ended her poignant post with a final line: "And yes, my phone case does say "Love Yourself", because everyone should be reminded of this daily."
Fans have quickly taken to Lauren's post to share their admiration for her.
"Amazing! You work hard, you're funny and so kind AND a BABE!!!" wrote one supporter.
Another said: "You're beautiful in both [pictures] Lauren... gorgeous human😍 "
Meanwhile, Lauren's former castmate Mick Gould even weighed in on the comments, adding: "All that dancing to rubbish music at the casino hoss 😂😂"
Clearly a running joke between the two, Lauren cheekily replied: "Bahahaha shh don't tell everyone my secret 🤣🤣"
The stunning former MAFS star is all about self-love. (Instagram / @laurenhuntriss)
Lauren has clearly kept in touch with some of her MAFS pals - along with Mick, the Sydney-sider also appears to remain chummy with Jules Robinson.
The former reality TV star also recently shared a candid group pic on her Instagram which featured the fellow red-haired beauty who ended up engaged to Cam Merchant on the show.
In the caption, Lauren comically wrote: "Apparently the trick is to stare directly into the sun before the pic is taken. What do you think, did we master it @julesrobinson82 ?"

Lauren also gave fans a surprise earlier this year when she dyed her hair from blonde to bright red.
In early September, the MAFS star shared a pic of herself rocking her new red locks, writing: "New hair don't care 💇‍♀️"
Again, her legion of loyal followers were quick to share their love for the stars new look.
"Absolutely love this colour on you! Makes your eyes even more beautiful!" Wrote one fan.
Another said: "This colour looks amazing 😍😍"
We can't argue with that!
Lauren revealed her incredible bold hair colour in September. (Instagram / @laurenhuntriss)

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