EXCLUSIVE: The Bold and The Beautiful's Katherine Kelly Lang reveals her ageless beauty secrets

The stunning actress finally shares the secret behind her youthful appearance.

By Jess Pullar
Ageing is inevitable... unless you're Katherine Kelly-Lang, it seems.
The TV starlet has graced the small screen for more than 30 years, with her big break coming in the form of character Brooke Logan on The Bold and The Beautiful.
Over that time, she's grown both personally and professionally, but there's one thing in particular that hasn't changed at all - her age-defying face.
Time warp? These photos are taken almost 30 years apart... but you'd barely know it! (Images: Getty)
The pictures are case in point. While some might experience the odd wrinkle, a thinning head of hair or even a few freckles, Katherine seems to have bypassed all of these feats and propelled her 20-year-old self into her 57-year-old self with barely a hair out of place - literally.
Swipe the pictures below to see the incredible similarities...
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In 2019, Katherine was put to the ultimate test glamour-wise: She joined the cast of Australia's I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!.
And while the show's less-than-glam living arrangements in the jungle were a struggle for the blonde beauty, she came out of it with her head held high - and not a hair out of place.
With this in mind, Katherine's beauty routine is one we'd love to take note of - and she's divulged all the details to Now To Love exclusively.
Keep scrolling as we unveil Katherine's incredible beauty transformation, and reveal her beauty secrets!
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Secret 1: Cosmetic surgery

Katherine spilled that her youthful appearance has been spurred on with a little help from cosmetic surgery over the years.
"Sometimes I do a little filler, sometimes I do a little Botox. I do all those things but I try really to stay natural and not do it all the time," she revealed to Now To Love.
Indeed the bombshell blonde has learnt that less is definitely more when it comes to her appearance.
"Sometimes the doctor does go overboard and I'm like 'well I never want to do that again!'," she said.
"At some point you have to age gracefully, and you have to accept that. You can't get rid of every line and wrinkle."
Overboard or not, it certainly hasn't changed the end result - we're enamoured by her flawless look which has evolved so gracefully over the years.
See her transformation for yourself in the pictures below!
Fresh to TV, here we see Katherine in 1990. (Image: Getty)
By 2004, Katherine was a very familiar face in households the world over. (Image: Getty)
In 2009, there was no denying Katherine had aged gracefully - and possibly with the help of some well-executed plastic surgery. (Image: Getty)
Do we have a Benjamin Button on our hands? Katherine, pictured here in 2014 almost looks as though she's ageing backwards! (Image: Getty)
Fast-forward to present day, or don't - Katherine will still look the same! (Image: Getty)

Secret 2: A solid skincare routine

While the I'm A Celebrity jungle presented multiple perils to the soap actress, Katherine revealed one of her biggest struggles on the show was being unable to access her favourite skincare products!
The 57-year-old said that the week-long jungle ordeal affected her "horribly" when it came to the state of her skin.
"I kept asking them, 'can I have my creams!?' Where's my creams!? One of these mornings you've got to give me my creams!', "she told us.
But a rigid skincare routine has clearly paid off for the ageless actress over the years.
"I'm so picky about what I put on my face – I need my night serums, I need my under eye cream, I need my heavy duty moisturising night cream. Then when I wake up I put them on all over again in the morning!"
"Then I have my day time creams, I have my lunch creams. Then I have my special shampoo... you know – you get it!"
To her dismay, Katherine's skincare regime was put on hold in the jungle! (Image: Network Ten)

Secret 3: Keep it clean

Katherine's fail-safe mantra is simple: Keep it natural, healthy and organic.
"What you eat really plays a big part of [your health], and how much sleep you get," she revealed.
"I also try to drink lots of water, it helps to keep your skin moist and plumped and nourished."
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Secret 4: Masking it up

Katherine's almost wrinkle free face is aided by her use of LED masks, which "reduces fine lines and improves skin texture" according to Katherine.
Taking to Instagram after her partner Dominique Zoida shared some alarming pics of the television beauty underneath the sinister-looking mask, which casts a red glow, Katherine said: "This is a Deesse Pro LED mask that increases the production of collagen, reduces fine lines, improves skin texture, and so much more! 20 minutes a day."
Well, it seems to be working!
Katherine frequently uses LED masks to help defy her wrinkles. (Image: Instagram)

Secret 5: Staying VERY fit

A glance at Katherine's Instagram page will tell you that Katherine is a keen fitness-enthusiast.
Competing in triathlons are a regular thing for the blonde, and it's definitely served her well with age.
Speaking to TV Soap, Katherine said: "I did endurance racingon my horses for 20-plus years ... and I loved that and that's similar to the long distance triathlons, the Half Ironman or Full Ironman."
"I have a trainer... even when you don't feel like it you really have to push yourself,get out there and follow the schedule. Get the workouts in and get them done."
Katherine keeps very fit by competing in triathlons. (Image: Instagram)

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