Gillian Anderson's transformation over the years: From The X-Files to Sex Education

All hail Gillian!

By Rebecca Sullivan
Is there anyone out there who doesn't have a crush on Gillian Anderson?
The 51-year-old first burst onto our screens as the inimitable Dana Scully on The X-Files, and has since gone onto enjoy an incredible decades-long career.
Now a whole new generation is being introduced to Anderson, thanks to her hilarious and poignant performance on Netflix's smash-hit TV series Sex Education, which is about to kick off its second season on January 17.
She plays Jean, the mother of the awkward teen lead Otis and a sex therapist who is unabashedly forthright in her discussions about sex and relationships.
Jean's whip-smart one liners, her chic jumpsuits and decidedly feminist attitude towards casual sex have earned her legions of fans around the world.
And we just have to say it - Anderson looks absolutely stunning and completely ageless in this series. Can you believe she is 51?
So we thought we'd take a journey back through the past 30 years, to the start of Anderson's career and remind you (and ourselves) just how much her look has evolved.
From her iconic red bob in The X-Files, to the platinum pixie cut she sports now, keep on scrolling for 20 photos of Gillian Anderson over the years.