WOAH. An old photo of Georgia Love as a teen has emerged and the nostalgia is real

WHAT is happening with those brows.

By Jess Pullar
Ah, the early noughties. Times were simpler - playing a game of Snake II on a super trendy Nokia was all the rage, Britney Spears was in her hey-day... and Georgia Love didn't have brows... kind of.
Yep, in a throwback photo that's sent us straight back to early 00s nostalgia, former Bachelorette Georgia Love has shared the ultimate nostalgia pic of herself as a teen, and it's a true sight to behold.
Taking to her Instagram on Wednesday evening, Georgia Love posted the image that left her fans in fits.
Indeed a fresh-faced 14-year-old is seen gazing at the camera. The brows are pencil thin, the lips are very glossy and the hair, well let's just say it was definitely a time before GHDs started working their magic.
"It's not a Thursday but I think you'll agree this throwback is worth breaking some rules 😳😂," Georgia quipped.
"Am I 14 or 40 here? Where are my eyebrows? Am I wearing a halter? Was I an American sitcom star?!"
She ended the post by adding: "Who else begged their parents to let them get Starshots in the early 2000s?! 😂"
Well, we're quite glad she did, because these images are utterly brilliant.
Straight out of a VHS recording of Saved by the Bell. (Instagram / @georgiealove)
It that a brunette OG Britney Spears? (Instagram / @georgiealove)
Georgia's followers have reacted with glee at the images, with one writing: "The neck angle in pic#2 🤣 Yes, yes I did this."
Another said: "We're you in 'Saved By The Bell'??"
Someone else pointed out what was on the tip of all our tongues: "I didn't know you were also Mandy Moore."
There's no denying it - she does look like something straight out of an Olsen twin special.
WATCH: Georgia Love reveals her beauty tips. Story continues after video...
These days, Georgia is rocking a slightly more modern look with an ombré chop and enviable brows.
And refreshingly, she and boyfriend Lee Elliot are known for not taking themselves too seriously. Often sharing pun-tastic images to their Instagram accounts, the twosome make for a great comedic act.

Yep, there's definitely no shortage of cute couple pics accompanied by ironic and smirk-inducing captions.
Take this image she took with Lee back in April. The pair looked completely loved up as Georgia wrote: "Mountain ranges always make us laugh. They're hill-areas!"
Yes, we see what you did there...
Georgia and Lee love a witty caption. (Instagram / @georgiealove)
And there's no denying the pair are thick as thieves.
In May, the pair sparked engagement rumours when Georgia admitted to the Daily Telegraph that everyone had thought Lee would propose on a recent escapade to Africa.
"We just came back from a big holiday in Africa, which we loved, and everyone was saying he was going to propose over there," Georgia told the publication.
"I wasn't expecting it because we were there for a wedding. Everyone is busting to see the ring but I know we're in a good place."
Stay tuned, we're pretty sure these two are in it for keeps.
The ultimate reality TV dream couple! (Instagram / @georgiealove)

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