Transform your nightly routine with this game-changing pillowcase

Easily maintain a nightly routine to beautify your skin and prevent acne with the déjà pillowcase.

By Now to Love Staff
According to Australian cleaning expert, Shannon Lush, your pillowcases should be changed every two days without fail...
Don't worry, we know hardly anyone has the time for that kind of washing and changing.
Enter the The Déjà Pillowcase, a revolutionary pillow case made to be used for up to 8 nights a week without a single wash.
Easily maintain a nightly routine to beautify your skin and prevent acne with the déjà pillowcase's unique design and 100% natural cotton materials.
By turning the "pages," you get 8 nights of perfectly clean sleep. No more exposing your skin to pore-clogging oils, bacteria, dirt, and product residues for 8 hours each day.
At just $44.00 and with shipping to Australia - this pillow could be the answer to all our sleep hygiene prayers.

Is your pillowcase ageing you? It could be if you're using this material

There are countless theories about how your beauty routine can help prevent and delay the ageing process, but one thing you've probably always known to be true is that plenty of "beauty sleep" is beneficial to your looks.
Well, turns out if you're resting your head on the wrong type of pillowcase, your sleep just might be making you look older instead.
It all depends on what material your pillowcase is made of, according to Australian-based cosmetic nurse Laura Lynch. She revealed to Daily Mail that cotton pillowcases in particular, can cause our skin to develop wrinkles over time. Sure, cotton feels soft, but it could be doing some permanent damage to your skin while you sleep.
"Cotton doesn't allow for the skin to slide, so it catches the skin, pulling it into a position and it doesn't really allow the skin to bounce back to its natural form," says Laura.
Not only can cotton cause unwanted lines on your skin, the way you sleep on this material can also have an adverse effect on your appearance. Ever wake up with a crease on your face caused by how you were laying against your sheets? Sure, those lines disappear after a short while, but they still may cause lasting damage.
"If you're creasing your face constantly against your pillow, you could also be causing a permanent wrinkle," she said. "If you're a side sleeper or a tummy sleeper, you can definitely find that those positions would cause creases or lines to form on your skin. Even though they may disappear a couple of hours after you wake up in the morning, over time, they can cause the development of lines and wrinkles."
Luckily, Laura does have a solution for her how to sleep soundly and stay looking young: opting for silk pillowcases instead.
"Silk is a natural fibre, it's hypoallergenic, it allows for the skin to breathe, and it allows the skin to slide over the surface," Lynch said. "So it doesn't pull at the skin—and therefore prevents these wrinkles from occurring."
As if we needed another reason to get lost in the bedding section of a local department store! The good news: You may have just found the perfect excuse to convince your spouse that it's time to invest in some silk pillowcases. After all, it'll be an investment for a very worthy cause!
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