The BEST beauty tips for women over 50

One of Australia's leading beauty experts spills her best-kept secrets.

By Balance By Deborah Hutton
PSA: Stephanie Darling knows a thing or two about the best beauty tips and products on the market to make you feel beautiful at any age.
Having worked in the beauty industry for more than 30 years, and now the author of the highly addictive Secrets Of A Beauty Queen, Stephanie is a trusted source in everything from fragrances to mascara and everything in between.
Here, she lets us in on the beauty lessons all of us aged over 50 to need to learn, stat.

The products that will save your skin

"I think we should embrace Retin A at night," Stephanie explains.
"Build that up gradually and take advice from whoever you trust," said Stephanie. "I think that is a really important part of your routine as you age."
"There's so much positive stuff, I love the whole embracing colour," said Stephanie. "Just experiment with colour and don't think you have to go less makeup as you age," she said.
According to Stephanie, going without makeup is one routine you shouldn't skip as you age.
"If you've got hazel eyes, it's just wearing a little bit of violet eyeliner on the inner rim. It just makes the colour of your eyes pop," said Stephanie.
"You just need to have fun with makeup and experiment. You can always wash it off," she said.

What your hair colour says about your age

"It's keeping the lightness around your face, dark colours are less flattering," said Stephanie.
"There are some amazing women who have just embraced grey but it has to be a good grey, it can't be a marsupial grey," said Stephanie.
Stephanie suggests consulting with your colourist and making a conscious decision to move towards grey as opposed to having it occur gradually.
"There are some amazing, gorgeous greys (like) Martha Stewart grey," said Stephanie.

Foundation after 50

Choosing the right foundation for your skin can be challenging, especially with the seemingly endless options available. When you find the "Mr Right" of foundations most of us are reluctant to find happiness elsewhere.
But when your skin starts to change with age, your foundation needs to come along for the ride and adapt to the new conditions.
Deb asks Stephanie about the best type of foundation for creating a natural look for skin over 50.
"Liquid (foundation). But I love the mineral powder just to touch up the t-zone," said Stephanie.
"Also there are some amazing tinted moisturisers that have got more consistency than say the BB Creams," said Stephanie.
"There is an amazing one called Hourglass that I love, it's like a foundation but called a tinted moisturiser and it's so beautifully, finely crafted," she said.
Stephanie's tip for getting foundation right when buying and applying is to make sure you can see yourself in natural light.
"When you try makeup on you need to go outside with a mirror," said Stephanie.
Stephanie believes that this can help "to make sure the colour match is true to form".
And Stephanie's final foundation tip?
"Blend, blend, blend," she said.

Stephanie's 5 essential beauty must-haves

"SPF 50 plus is my all time, go to, must have," Stephanie says.
Nude lipstick
"Which I'm always on the hunt for, I've got 60 000 it's quite embarrassing."
Mineral powder foundation
"Again for the SPF factor. In this country, we are so at risk for all sorts of, not only ageing but skin cancers," said Stephanie.
Fredric Malle fragrance – Portrait of A Lady
"(My two friends) want me to keep it secret, but it's in the book."
Dry Shampoo
"Klorane Dry Shampoo which sells in this country more than any other country in the world."
Stephanie's debut book, Secrets Of A Beauty Queen, is available now at all good bookstores.
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