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Barbie's had a makeover for International Women's Day and we're all for it

Barbie's just upped the role model game.

In the past, Barbie was known as a product which spread unrealistic body expectations to young girls, but Mattel just proved they're ready to shake things up and help inspire our future feminists.
To celebrate International Women's Day the creators of Barbie, Mattel, have given Barbie the makeover we've all been waiting for... we just wish they would have been around when we were younger.
Mattel is releasing a new line of dolls based on real-life female role models and historic women, including our very own Bindi Irwin.
Other dolls will include artist and activist Frida Kahlo, Aviator Amelia Earhart, boxer Nicola Adams and more inspirational and groundbreaking women.
It's the perfect gift for the new generation this International women's day, and it's about time.
The dolls, affectionately known as Sheros, aim to ignite a conversation about the importance of positive role models, explains Mattel in a statement.
"Barbie honours women who have broken boundaries in their fields and have been an inspiration to the next generation of girls with a one-of-a-kind doll made in their likeness."
"These women come from diverse backgrounds and fields and are breaking boundaries to inspire the next generation of girls," Mattel said. "With 81 percent of moms globally worried about the type of role models their daughters are exposed to, Barbie is igniting a conversation around the importance of positive role models."
Beyond honouring Bindi, Barbie also reveals six one-of-a-kind dolls inspiring girls to believe they can be anything by basing the range of dolls on careers that have never before been occupied by a woman in Australia.
The dolls showcase roles including the Chairman of the AFL, Commissioner of the Australian Federal Police, Governor of the Australian Reserve Bank, Head of ASIO, President of the Australian Olympic Committee and First Australian Woman on the Moon.
We can't help but think we may need to get our hands on some of the dolls ourselves.