The Bachelorette Australia

Will Fiona Falkiner be Australia's first bisexual Bachelorette?

Network Ten is set to shake it up with the next season of The Bachelorette.

With rumours swirling about who's in line to fill the stilettos as a future Bachelorette, Woman's Day can exclusively disclose that casting is currently underway for Australia's first Bisexual Bachelorette series and it's set to hit screens in 2019!

And first in line for potential Bachelorette candidates is blonde bombshell Fiona Falkiner!

Fiona Falkiner went public with her lesbian relationship last year.

According to TV insiders Fiona's name has been in the mix for some time due to her association with the network and her popular fan base among both men and women.

"She's smart and beautiful and she represents a healthy and realistic body image," spills an industry insider. "And she just so happens to be attracted to men and women."

Last year Fiona confirmed her relationship with personal trainer Lara Creber.

"It doesn't matter if you love a man or love a woman, if you're fat, skinny, tall or short – we're all unique, beautiful individuals who deserve the same rights and respect,' the 35-year-old former Biggest Loser contestant-come-host revealed.

"I'm all about falling in love with a person and yes, I've fallen in love with Lara."

Bachelor stars Megan Marx and Alex Nation could also be possible candidates for the series.

Other stars rumoured to have been approached by Ten include Megan Marx and Alex Nation, both former contestants on season four of The Bachelor in 2016 – the season starring Richie Strahan as the love interest.

After the series they both went on to have relationships with women. However, TV executives believe Fiona is the best option and genuine in her pursuit for love instead of expanding on her celebrity status.