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Bachelor Australia 2018: Intruder Deanna’s heartbreaking admission

“I missed his funeral.”

By: Anita Lyons

Bachelor intruder Deanna Salvemini is the latest evictee from the Honey Badger's heart, but behind the swimmer's smile, lies a heartbreaking story.

"My brother's best friend died the day I got into the mansion," Deanna told Now to Love in an exclusive chat. "I missed his funeral."

23-year-old Michael Owens passed away within five days of being diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia, and understandably, she found it incredibly difficult.

Deanna's time on The Bachelor was marred by heartbreak.

"That was really hard to deal with," she said.

"There was so much emotional stress going on back home and then coming into a really foreign environment, really changes how you are and you really have to go in there with a strong mind of what you're about to go through. It was just another mental challenge to get through in there."

In an Instagram, posted to her account before her Bachie photos began, Deanna wrote:

"God has gained the most beautiful angel of all. The brightest blue eyes, the whitest teeth you'll see, and the biggest smile and heart!"

"Mose you were taken from this world way too soon but I know you will always be there with the boys through everything, you may not be here in person anymore but we know your energy and spirit will be with them guiding them to every cheeky decision there is to make."

"Rest in peace just like the peace you gave everyone. Forever will be in out hearts and a character that will NEVER be forgotten."

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Unfortunately, this wasn't the only heartbreak during Deanna's time in the mansion.

"My Nonna also died while I was in the house," Deanna recalled. "It was such a hard time."

Deanna was one of the three Bachelor intruders who entered the mansion a few weeks into the process and it was clear that she and Nick shared some common interests.

"We definitely have a lot to talk about because I was an Olympic swimmer, we've both got sporting families and large families. And because we've done a lot of athletic things on the show, he's definitely seen me shine," she told NW.

And while she may not have found love with the Honey Badger, this girl knows what she wants.

When asked about her ideal partner, the brunette beauty said, "Someone with a positive outlook on life. Who is also ambitious, fit and funny."

We hope love is just around the corner for you Deanna!

If you would like to donate to the Michael Owens AML Fund, which goes towards research of AML, click HERE.

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