Benji’s sneaky tactics win again on Survivor Australia and Paige is sent packing

Paige gets eliminated thanks to Benji's clever ploy

By: Faye James

After Tegan's triumphant return to the tribe and Zach's elimination, the Survivor Australia's camp appeared more at peace and a truce is called between the members.

But after losing a yet another endurance challenge for immunity, the Contenders entered the fiercest Tribal council yet and Benji is up to his usual tricks.

In attempt to get the tribe on his side and oust out Paige, Benji confesses to Shonee that he's really a millionaire but she's unimpressed and decides she needs to turn the tribe against him.

Survivor Australia's Benji is determined to oust out Paige and employs clever tactics to ensure his safety

He also tries to win over Tegan, but she's not convinced, after he masterminded the ploy to get her sent to exile beach.

Jonathan sits the Tribe down and they have an intense chat about one another's fears and whether they can trust people who have lied in the past, how they've felt when the tribe blindsides, while Benji looks shifty throughout.

Yet Benji still insists that the Tribe will vote the way he wants everything to go and when the time comes for elimination, he gets exactly what he wants and Paige is sent packing.

She can't quite believe the Tribe have turned against her, but Benji is clearly smug about his triumph.

The 26-year-old entrepreneur has become a favourite for some fans, thanks to his cunning tactics. But, it's no surprise he's doing well in the competition. After all, Australian Survivor runs in his family.

The Contender is actually the older brother of Anneliese Wilson, who placed 11th in the 2017 season of Australian Survivor.

Both siblings are big fans of the show, with Benji revealing he has applied three times.

"It is the world's most incredible game in the most insane arena," he says.

The Contender is actually the older brother of Anneliese Wilson, who placed 11th in the 2017 season of Australian Survivor.

"Every time the casting call goes out, there is literally no question about whether I will be putting my life on hold for a chance to show Australia what I've got!"

Anneliese, 25, shared a series of photos with her older brother on Instagram ahead of his appearance on the show.

"I want to officially introduce you all to my best friend and big brother, Benji, who I am so excited to see play on this up coming season of Australian Survivor!" she wrote on Instagram.

"I passed the metaphorical and literal torch onto the next coolest member of the Wilson family - give him a follow to see all the latest updates! So excited for this next season keeping the #WilsonLegacy strong!"