My Kitchen Rules

Alex and Emily win My Kitchen Rules 2018!


Queensland couple Alex and Emily have been crowned the winners of My Kitchen Rules 2018.

Watched on by family, friends and ex-contestants, the team served up four winning dishes and one theatrical dessert to take out the competition and take home $250,000.

Australia, meet your MKR 2018 winners, Alex and Emily!

It was a tough trip to the finish line for the cocktail couple. The stress of the competition took its toll on the pair on-screen and off.

"The stress made me take it [smoking] up again," Alex, 35, reveals. "I smoked a lot more during production. Both Emily and I did."

But things are looking up for the couple. Since finishing up on MKR, Alex reveals a wedding is on the cards.

"We have made plans, but we're just riding this wave first," Alex, 35, says.

"In six months we'll make a decision [about marriage], which is exciting!"

And as for when we may see them next, Emily, 27, says their success on the small screen has them wanting more.

"We'd love to have a show where we cook together," she tells TV WEEK. "It's something we'd love to chat to the network about."

Alex adds: "This [the show] has given us a taste for this career. We'd love to keep working in the media."

My Kitchen Rules runners up, Kim and Suong.

Meanwhile, runners up Kim, 38, and Suong, 38, are cheering for their on-screen rivals.

"Congratulations to @alexemilyau for winning MKR 2018!" they write in an Instagram post.

"Thank you for everyone who has supported us throughout our MKR journey.

"It has been an experience of a lifetime, and one that we will both remember for the rest of our lives."

In an interview with TV WEEK, Kim reveals the pals are not giving up on their foodie dreams. But she admits she's glad to be spending some time apart from her former teammate.

"We need a break from each other and time to be ourselves," she says.

"Then maybe we'll come back together down the line."

She adds that her future cooking career will be a solo venture.

"I wouldn't go into business with Suong," she declares. "I want to open something for myself. If we went into business, it would break us."

Congratulations again to both MKR teams! We just cant wait to see what's next!