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Fitness expert, Sam Wood shares his tips for what you should be eating when you're pregnant

We'd give out a rose for these tips!

Pregnancy is an incredibly important time in life and we all know that eating well when you're expecting is a must. But what does 'eating well' actually look like when you're pregnant?

I know when Snez was pregnant with Willow, she was having all kinds of cravings and for a period there all she felt like eating was cereal! With these kind of cravings and the majority of our focus being on the foods we should avoid, it was very easy to overlook the foods that would be most beneficial for her during this time.

I'll be honest, we were pretty relaxed with this during our pregnancy, but we always tried to ensure she was getting most of the following key food groups and nutrients. So take a look at the key nutrients you should be getting during pregnancy and exactly what to eat to get them.


Why you need it
This is essential to help the development of your baby's bones and teeth, especially coming in to your third trimester. It's also incredibly important nutrient for the mum-to-be as pregnancy can cause you to lose nutrients from your bones.

How to get it
Dairy is one of the best sources of calcium, so pasteurised yoghurt, milk and hard cheeses should be your go-to. But remember, calcium isn't just limited to dairy! There are plenty of other non-dairy calcium options like tahini, sardines, almonds and parsley.


Why you need it
Zinc is a must for your baby's immune system, cell growth and for the production and functioning of DNA. It's also essential for supporting your own immune system during pregnancy while helping maintain senses of taste and smell.

How to get it
Get a good dose of zinc with lean red meat, wholegrains, legumes, nuts and seafood (staying away from any raw fish or seafood of course).

When Snez was pregnant with Willow, all she felt like eating was cereal!

Omega 3 fatty acids

Why you need it
You need omega 3 fatty acid for the development of your baby's blood vessels and brain. It's also super important for decreasing your baby's likelihood of developing food allergies.

How to get it
To get the most of omega 3 fatty acids, go for oily fish and eggs (always making sure eggs are properly cooked), as well as walnuts, chia seeds and flaxseeds.

Vitamin C

Why you need it
Packing your diet with Vitamin C is another essential nutrient during pregnancy as it allows the body to produce collagen – this is the foundation of healthy bones, skin, blood vessels and cartilage. The power of Vitamin C also extends to helping the body fight against infection.

How to get it
Find Vitamin C in fresh fruit and vegies (remember to wash your vegies well) – especially raw spinach, broccoli, red capsicum and berries.

When it comes to eating well during pregnancy, it's important to remember to just try to do the best you can.


Why you need it
Sure, getting enough fibre is crucial even when you're not expecting, but anyone who has been pregnant will know just how especially important fibre is for keeping bowel movements regular and healthy, and avoiding the constipation that often comes with pregnancy.

How to get it
Your best fibre-packed sources here are whole grains, vegetables, legumes, fruits, nuts and seeds. Keep to fruits and vegies that are especially fibre rich and go for strawberries or raspberries with muesli and yoghurt for a fibre packed snack.

When it comes to eating well during pregnancy, it's important to remember to just try to do the best you can! Don't overwhelm yourself with attempting to squeeze all of the above nutrients into everything you eat, this will become totally exhausting.

Written by Sam Wood with the assistance of 28's pregnancy expert, Chloe Lorback.