Doctor Doctor: Miranda Tapsell is set to stir up trouble in Whyhope

Her presence may cause tension for one local resident!

Amid the sudden passing of his father and his ongoing hostility with wife Charlie, poor Matt has never felt more burdened.

But this week on Doctor Doctor, his spirits are lifted when an old school friend arrives back in town.

Matt's (Ryan Johnson) former school crush April (Miranda Tapsell) shows up with a delivery for the farm – and a lingering smile.

While Matt is surprised to see April, it's as if no time has passed as the friends reflect on old times.

It's clear they have history – and chemistry – but will her presence in Whyhope cause even more strain on his marriage with Charlie (Nicole da Silva)?

Matt had a crush on April at school - does he still have feelings for her?

"April comes along at a time when there's a lot of tension in the relationship," Ryan, 39, tells TV WEEK.

"At this stage, however, they're still bumping into each other around town and just enjoying that reunion."

While Matt has always remained loyal to his wife, it's no secret their marriage is in disarray.

On top of Charlie's resistance to having a baby, her father Carlito (Vince Colosimo) is causing chaos – particularly when it comes to romancing the women of Whyhope.

"Every time Matt talks to Charlie [about wanting children], it's like pushing uphill," Ryan explains.

"Meanwhile, she has a dad who just walks in and out of her life and creates havoc. It adds an extra line of tension to their relationship."

Elsewhere, Hugh (Rodger Corser) is forced to face the consequences of his reckless decision-making when his ex-wife Harriet (Genevieve Hegney) delivers a bombshell.

The revelation will no doubt cause a rift between Hugh and Penny (Hayley McElhinney), who had their big romantic moment only recently.

"It gets messy everywhere Hugh turns!" Rodger, 45, teases.

How will Penny react to Hugh's shocking news?

This is one tough week for the Knight brothers!

Doctor Doctor airs Monday, 8:40pm, on the Nine Network.

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