Doctor Doctor's new romance: Will April and Matt make a connection at speed dating?

'Matt always carried a torch for her'

Speed dating is coming to Whyhope in Doctor Doctor this week. So who's going to hit it off at the event?

Meryl (Tina Bursill) has organised the inaugural Country Connections night, being held at the brewery.

Matt (Ryan Johnson, left) asks Charlie (Nicole da Silva) to come along, but she prefers to spend her night off doing some writing.

However, Matt's former crush from primary school, April (Miranda Tapsell), does turn up.

"Matt always carried a torch for her," Ryan, 39, explains. "We find out she might have had a thing for him too."

Will April and Matt make a connection?

When Matt and April have a chance to have a quiet chat, April is upfront with him: she wants a baby.

"She's got to that age where she's gone, 'You know, I think it's time to become a mother,'" Miranda, 31, says. "She doesn't want to waste time with someone who doesn't want that too."

Will April's baby plans only add to Matt and Charlie's troubled relationship?

"April comes along at a time when there's a lot of tension in the relationship," Ryan says. "Every time Matt talks to Charlie [about wanting children], it's like pushing uphill."

Meanwhile, Penny (Hayley McElhinney) is still struggling to cope with her heartbreak over Hugh (Rodger Corser). She opts not to go to the speed dating and instead stays home to drink by herself.

Hugh attends the town's speed-dating night, while Penny stays home.

It's a bad decision. She's on call, and there's an emergency at the hospital.

"It's mortifying for her," Hayley, 43, explains. "She's drunk on the job. It's so unlike Penny."

Her mortification results in a moment of complete honesty, the repercussions of which will leave everyone shocked.

Doctor Doctor airs Monday, 8:40pm, on Nine Network.

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