Prince Harry's sweet hug with seriously ill boy

Prince Harry is king of the kids.

Prince Harry was once again king of the kids when he attended an awards ceremony for UK children’s charity Wellchild on Monday.

The 32-year-old royal was in total ‘cool uncle’ mode as he mingled with his young fans at the London event which honours “the inspirational qualities of the U.K.’s seriously ill children and young people”, according to the Wellchild website.

Several hundred youngsters, parents, carers and celebrity supporters turned out to London’s Dorchester hotel for the evening and Prince Harry knelt down next to many of the attendee’s wheelchairs to greet them warmly.

The cheeky prince was spotted winning one kid over with Batman chat and gave other children balloon animals, but perhaps the sweetest moment was when Harry shared a tender hug from “Inspirational Child” award-winner, Ollie Carroll.

Ollie, 5, suffers from Batten disease and cannot stand by himself but managed to get to his feet and wrap his arms around the prince for a long cuddle.

"He was thrilled – they both were," Ollie’s mother Lucy told HELLO. "He (Harry) is very privileged because Ollie cannot stand up by himself and he used his strength to stand up and hug him."

Harry gave a short speech at the event and said the evening had left him "in awe at the strength of human character, particularly amongst those so young".

He added: "Watching these children and young people face challenges with such determination, positivity and of course good humour, never fails to take my breath away.”

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