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Insensitive comments left on article about young mum who died when she fell into molten chocolate

The Russian reportedly fell at the sweet factory where she worked and was ‘minced’ in the giant mixer.

A tragic story broke yesterday of a young mother who died in extremely horrific circumstances.

Svetlana Roslina, 24, fell into a vat of molten chocolate at the Russian sweet factory where she worked.

She leaves behind a husband, Vladimir, and two young children under five.

A local sourced reportedly said "she was minced, only her legs were left," according to the Daily Mail.

A police investigation is underway into her horrific death.

News site, The Lad Bible, posted the story to their Facebook page and were inundated with crude jokes about Svetlana’s death.

Although the article itself reported how awful it was for the young mum to die in such tragic circumstances, many called the news outlet out, saying they knew the type of comments it would attract, particularly with their Willy Wonka-esque picture choice. Over 500 Facebook users even used the 'Haha' reaction.

Some people were disgusted by the jokes, Facebook user Alan Powell commenting: “Absolutely deplorable these jokes. A woman died. Children are now without their mother – regardless the circumstances. If your mother died – would it matter to you if it was in a situation that others found funny?”

Our deepest condolences to the young woman's loved ones.

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