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Woman murders six family members over rent dispute

A woman murdered six members of her own family, including two young children, over a dispute about rent and board.

Michele Anderson was living with boyfriend Joseph McEnroe in a caravan on her parent’s property in Carnation, Washington State, in 2007 when her parents asked her to start paying rent.

Anderson, 37, was reportedly incensed by the request and on Christmas Eve, she and McEnroe entered her parent’s house, shot and killed them and then hid the bodies.

They then lay in wait for Anderson’s brother Scott, his wife Erica and their children Olivia, five, and Nathan, three, who arrived early the next day for Christmas lunch. When they were all inside the house, Anderson and McEnroe shot and killed the entire family, not even sparing the children.

Erica tried to call 911 before she died and was alive with McEnroe shot her children, the youngest of whom, three-year-old Nathan, was in her arms when he was killed.

“I wanted my mum, brother and dad to die because they abused me over the years,” Anderson reportedly told police after her crime was uncovered.

“I wasted my life because of these a*holes. It’s not fair.”

Anderson reportedly disliked her sister-in-law Erica because she believed she had driven a wedge between her and her brother.

Last week, Anderson was convicted on six counts of aggravated first degree murder. She now faces life in prison without the possibility of parole.

McEnroe was also convicted of the murders last year and is currently serving six consecutive life sentences at Washington State Penitentiary.

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