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Woman tries 15-year-old son’s weed to check it was “safe” before letting him smoke it

She also gave permission for him and his friends to use it at her home.

By Amber Manto
Queensland mother tried son's marijuana for safety

A Queensland mother has taken her parenting duties to a level others wouldn’t dare.

She admitted to trying her son’s marijuana to check it wasn’t laced with hallucinogens, reports the Gladstone Observer.

Once satisfied, the 41-year-old then allowed him and his friends to smoke the drug in her home so she could supervise.

The discovery was made after police paid her a visit for another matter on December 3. Through the screen door they could see drug utensils and a plate with marijuana on it.

“I’d rather him do it here than down by the creek somewhere,” she reportedly told police.

Her son admitted the drugs were his.

The woman pleaded guilty in a Gladstone court to permitting use of place and for allowing the drugs to be used in her home. She was fined $500 and a convicted was recorded.

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